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10 maggio 2024

Firstly I must say the invoice templates are awesome and reflect the business feel.

Further to that their customer service is above and beyond, especially Robert, who was most helpful and supportive throughout an issue that I had, no fault of the app, more an issue with my software.

They respond to queries promptly and ensure that they help you to resolve your issue.

If the question is... Should I use this app? The simple answer is 'Yes', no pun intended.

Regno Unito
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13 maggio 2024

Neat and professional designs that are easy to edit by choosing which info to show/hide. It allows multiple templates that you can tailor to your business. We use different templates for our orders (gift receipts/local orders/international). It also allows to print/download invoices directly through Shopify dashboard. Their support team is quick to respond and they were happy to assist us with some modifications and placing a dynamic QR code into the templates. Thanks Robert!

Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
5 maggio 2024

As a business owner focused on customer satisfaction, I can confidently say that Simplio's Simple Invoice app has truly exceeded my expectations.

Our business, Elcielicious, offers a multi-language experience to our customers, and one of our challenges was ensuring that invoices and communications were sent in the language in which the customer ordered. Initially, this wasn’t possible as Simple Invoice used only the shipping address to determine the language, but the support team at Simplio went above and beyond to make the necessary changes to the app's functionality, allowing us to provide our customers with personalized invoices and emails in their preferred language.

From the start, the support team, particularly Robert and Chuck, were incredibly attentive and responsive. They listened carefully to our needs, kept us informed throughout the process, and implemented the changes exactly as we requested. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and their willingness to tailor the app to meet our specific needs was truly impressive.

With the recent updates, Simple Invoice now sends emails and PDFs in the language that the customer used while shopping on our website. This has been a great improvement for our business, as it enhances our customer service and overall experience. The app now works perfectly and meets all our needs.

I highly recommend the Simple Invoice app for Shopify users who value personalized customer communication and want a supportive team behind their invoicing needs. The app is affordable, user-friendly, and backed by an exceptional support team that genuinely cares about customer feedback and satisfaction.

Thank you, Simplio, for providing such an outstanding service!

3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
28 giugno 2024

We needed a good option to send PDF files to our customers. Not only is Simple Invoice easy to set up and use, it works just as described. I contacted customer support with a couple questions about some specific additions that could be made to the invoice and Robert was faster to reply than I could even keep up with around my busy work schedule.

Absolutely amazing service and a product that works extremely well for our business.

I'll give them a rating of 6 out of 5 stars!

Thank you!!!!

Severne Windsurfing North America
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9 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
20 giugno 2024

Exactly what you need it to do, and very reasonably priced. I've customised our email templates to include an invoice for all of our B2B customers.

Easy to customise, and they're quick to respond if you need any help.

Chromag Bikes
2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
26 giugno 2024

I've had a great experience with the Simple Invoice app! The customer support team has been super helpful, resolving a few unique requests I had. I was also thrilled that they were willing to collaborate with another app developer to place the Download Invoice link in my customized Customer Portal. Highly recommend!

Lavley Wholesale
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Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
25 giugno 2024

Great app, simpel, reliable and easy to customize. Plus an extremely friendly and great support team.
Oltre 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
9 maggio 2024

Great app, amazing customer service. I strongly recommend using Simplio for your invoicing needs.

Elite Medic
Quasi 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
20 giugno 2024

It offers nice invoice templates, useful functions, and excellent customer service, I highly recommend!

5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
17 giugno 2024

Good app. Great customer support.

La Bonne Brosse
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