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Digital sales, monetized video, chart reports & fan insights

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Monetized Video

Boost your revenue by selling access to private content in your store. Why send fans elsewhere when they want to support you direct?

Digital Delivery

Take control of your music and money by selling direct from Shopify. Fans can purchase individual tracks, albums, pre-orders, & bundles!

Fan Insights

Quickly identify your superfans based on purchase data from your store. Create lasting relationships for better sales & market strategies.

Single Music 정보

D2C Tools for Artists, Labels, Merchandisers, & Record Stores

COMING SOON - Fan Insights Data Dashboard

Do you know who your biggest fan is in Tennessee? What about the entire United Kingdom? Quickly identify your superfans based on purchase data from your store.

  • Top Fans
  • World Sales Heat Map
  • Top Cities & Regions
  • Purchase Activity
  • Sales-by-type Breakdown
  • Top Merch Items

Monetized Video Content

Boost your livestream and video revenue by selling access to private content in your store. Host everything from concerts and album listening parties to private Q&As and screenings.

  • Bundle Tickets with Merch
  • White Labeled & Artist-First
  • Box Office Support
  • Auto Scaling
  • Own Your Data
  • High Quality Audio & Video

Digital Delivery

Since 2018, we’ve delivered over 3 million records for artists like Juice WRLD, Harry Styles, Foo Fighters, Dua Lipa & more. Take control of your music and money by selling direct from Shopify.

  • Bundle Albums with Merch
  • Daily Chart Reporting to Billboard, OCC, ARIA, & Rolling Stone
  • Instant Grats & Pre-orders
  • Lossless Downloads
  • Track Preview Player
  • Free Upsell Campaigns

Automated Chart Reporting

The majority of music consumption comes from streaming, but sales are weighted much higher in chart ranking. We have reported over 3.5 Million sales to chart partners around the globe. Thousands of artists, labels, and record stores trust Single Music to report their Shopify sales to the charts.

  • International Charts
  • Pre-order Support
  • Pre-Release Tracks
  • Rule Filtering
  • Multi-store Management
  • Inventory Search & Bulk Tagging


  • SoundScan,
  • Alpha Data,
  • OCC,
  • ARIA

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County Sales

This has been a really useful tool and when I had an issue on my end they provided excellent customer service to help me resolve the issue!

Pure Colors Music

At first, I gave a 1-star review. But I'm changing it to 5-stars because of the way this company handled the situation. Long story short, I had a fair number of people download a digital download of mine from Single Music. They had used a shopify coupon code I created to get it for free. It was just a trade for an email. Well I ended up having to pay $2 to Single Music on each of those "free" downloads. I was charged $130 roughly, but the very same day, Single reached out, apologized for I guess what you can call a loophole, and refunded me fully. This is a great app. I've used it to create upsell campaigns easily. I do hope they are able to modify their backend to allow for creators to give away some digital downloads for free in exchange for an email.

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 24일

Hi Pure Colors! Thank you for bringing this to our attention and apologies for the headache this has caused. It is NEVER our intention to mislead artists or gouge those trying to make a living from their art. We will be in touch shortly.

Digital Album Pre-Sale

As an independent musician doing everything myself, Single Music was exactly what I was looking for! Here's why... 1) I wanted to pre-sell my album before I got the music finished. 2) I wanted to sell the album through my own site without sharing the name of the album. 3) I wanted all sales to be reported to SoundScan. Thanks to Single Music, I'm happy to say that my debut album, Dead Pixel, hit three Billboard charts the week after it was released! I got to #39 on the Top Current Album Sales chart, #85 on the Top Album Sales chart, and #32 on the Emerging Artists chart. Single Music was so easy to use and the customer support couldn't have been better. Since I knew I had a shot of hitting the charts, I wanted to make sure I set everything up correctly and thankfully, Joe was there to check things and confirm everything looked good (thanks again, Joe!). Couldn't recommend Single Music enough!