Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

od Orbis Labs

Manage HTML/XML Sitemap & NoIndex, NoFollow for improved SEO

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NoIndex, NoFollow Meta Tags

Manage NoIndex NoFollow meta tags to stop certain pages being indexed, keep them hidden from search engines and prevent duplicate content.

XML Sitemap

Remove URLs from the Shopify generated XML Sitemap to keep it clean and consistent. A clean XML Sitemap is what Google loves!

HTML Sitemap

Generate a HTML Sitemap instantly that allows search engines to easily crawl and find your pages. Use our app for easy indexation!

Podrobnosti o Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

What is Sitemap & NoIndex Manager?

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager gives you complete control over NoIndex, NoFollow meta tags and your Shopify generated XML sitemap.

Also included is the ability to generate a HTML version of the Sitemap so Google will easy find and crawl your store.

So with our app you are in control of visibility and content creep.

HTML Sitemap

Our app generates a HTML version of your XML Sitemap so you get the ultimate sitemap package in one app. Let Google find and index your store quicker with our app.

XML Sitemap

Complete control over your XML generated Sitemap so you can keep it clean and remove URLs you don't want appearing in it.

What pages can I apply NoIndex, NoFollow to?

Pretty much any page, product, article, collection and more. There are plenty of options included in our app.

Fix Duplicate Content Issues

This app will help you fix duplicate content issues your store could be facing, resulting in lower rankings and being penalised by Google.

Tackling this issue will ensure your store keep its rankings which will result in customers finding your store higher up in the search results. More customers = more revenue.

One Click Installation

You don't need to edit your theme, once you install our app you're ready to go!


If you need any help please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We're always willing to listen to feedback and update our app.

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Little Pets

Thanks, David, for Introducing this wonderful app to us. Very satisfied with this app's performance till now and hope it will be good in the future too.


It manages my HTML/ XML sitemap very smoothly. Anyone who wants to solve sitemap issues must give it a try, and you won't regret it.

LBJ Charms

This is a must-have app for all Shopify store owners. From generating sitemap to improve ranking on Google. Everything can be solved with a single app.