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8 april 2024

SKUlabs is a great fulfillment software that can grow with the complexity of the business. It has the ability to manage inventory well, create efficient fulfillment processes, and if they don't have the solution for something they have a strong team that will work with you to develop the solution or put something in place that works while development catches up. They are very responsive and take each request seriously. It is a seamless integration with Shopify and has enough customizable features to work for companies with different needs. We tried to leave SKUlabs briefly and missed its intuitive features too much.

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24 april 2024

SKULABs is great! The app works really well, and the customer support is excellent. Whenever I need help, they answer it quickly and follow up to make sure that everything is resolved. The inventory tracking and prediction tools are great. Additionally, I use it for order fulfillment, eliminating the need to pay for another solution like Shipstation. Orders are fulfilled quickly and seamlessly.

I sell on multiple different platforms and had a lot of trouble finding an app that could do what I needed it to. The ones that I did find were all terrible, but SKULABs has been a breath of fresh air!

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8 januari 2024

We wanted to share our experience with Skulabs software, as we've been proud users since June 2019. Running a small team, it's paramount for us to have inventory management software that not only streamlines our operations but also enhances our customer service. Skulabs has been that trusted partner for us, and we're approaching five years of a fantastic partnership.

One of the standout features of Skulabs, which we absolutely love, is its seamless integration with Shopify and various shipping providers. For businesses like ours, this integration is a game-changer. It allows us to effortlessly manage our inventory, process orders, and handle shipping logistics, which are vital aspects of our e-commerce operation. This level of integration has made our lives significantly easier.

What truly sets Skulabs apart, though, is their exceptional customer service. It's not just about talking to a chatbot; they provide real, personal support that's responsive and helpful. As a small company, we often have unique needs and questions, and having a team that genuinely cares and understands our business is invaluable. They've consistently gone above and beyond to assist us promptly.

Now, here's a small detail that might not seem like a big deal, but it's one of our favorite features: the order process dings. Skulabs thoughtfully includes this feature, which alerts you if you've scanned too many items or the wrong ones. It's a small touch that has saved us from potential errors and customer service headaches. It's just another example of how Skulabs truly has our back.

Revvl Health
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4 december 2023

We've been using Skulabs for almost 17 months now and we're really happy that we found them. It has a lot of features that we want and really easy to use. We was with BigCommerce at first then moved to Shopify and with every platform, it runs smoothly, no problem at all. When it comes to support, the team is the best. Alex, AJ, Mat, Brad ... anyone of them is very knowledgable and easy to deal with. They usually reponse within 30 mins and sometimes offered to call to help resolving the problems quick. We can't ask for more! Will definitely stay with Skulabs as long as we can.

Rotorquest Inc.
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26 juni 2023

We have recently made the transition to Shopify, and we have seamlessly integrated SKULabs into our inventory management and order fulfillment process. The switch has proven to be extremely satisfying for us. The support we have received from SKULabs has been exceptional, with their team always ready to assist us promptly with any adjustments required to streamline our operations. The pick, pack, and ship function provided by SKULabs has exceeded our expectations, making the entire process efficient and remarkably user-friendly. We are thrilled with the speed and intuitiveness of this feature, as it has truly simplified our operations.

Stonebridge Imports
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27 oktober 2016

10/10 would recommend! Great platform and tool which we use 24/7. Their support is unmatched and we're obsessed.

I'm confident there isn't anyone who has all the features SKULabs offers. Everyone else is limited to one feature.

SKULabs also integrates with ALL the top platforms and ALL the major carriers!

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10 februari 2022

This app has been a great fit for our businesses, and we haven't had any issues with it like we have others. Highly recommend!

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14 februari 2018

SKULabs is a great app! Managing inventory across multiple channels can be a huge hassle but skulabs makes it easy. Integration was a breeze with help from Josh and his team. I highly recommend.

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14 oktober 2019

We rely heavily on inventory management and shipping solutions to ensure inventory accuracy & efficiency. We found there are many systems on the market but few come even close to SKULabs. Some try to do too much and others just don't deliver. SKULabs do what they say and do it very well. Even better - it just works! Since using SKULabs our pick times have decreased by nearly half. Pick and ship accuracy have also improved thanks to SKULabs robust system which verifies barcodes as correct before releasing them for shipping.

Finally, the support provided by SKULabs is fantastic. It isn't outsourced, so you know you're dealing with the SKULabs team which means they can deal with the question quickly. They are responsive and updates are regular so you know they too are investing and improving their product.

If SKULabs isn't on your list of warehouse and inventory management systems then it should be.
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3 januari 2020

There are so many ways to use this software to maintain and grow your business! We are so thankful we have been able to expand enormously just by using this affordable program, Try it for a month! You will not be disappointed

Good2GoCo Inc.
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