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2. joulukuu 2023

Can't even test all features on free trial. Also misleading by stating you can have a free plan when you can't select such option under plans.

Noody Skincare
App HQ Pte. Ltd. vastasi 3. joulukuu 2023

Hi Team Noody!

We do provide free trial for all our plans and there is option to be on FREE plan forever too. Our product team just dropped you a note to help you set-up on whichever plan suits your need in the trial period or any questions you may need help with.

- Team AMP

13. helmikuu 2023

worst customer service ever, I sent them more than 20 emails reporting issues I needed help with and I got no reply or at most...we are looking into it. The app is okish but not worth the effort. I am really sad because I genuinly wanted to work with them but they absolutly ghosted me. I hope someone in the company will read this review and come back to me offering a solution.

19 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
App HQ Pte. Ltd. vastasi 13. helmikuu 2023

Hell Team EnCaja.mx! Sorry to hear we couldn't meet your expectations. Looks like our team resolved the issue, but we were waiting for your feedback/approval before applying changes on live theme.

No problem - we have dropped you a separate email and can follow up there to resolve any open items ASAP! Again, apologies that this didn't go well earlier.

-Team TCC

30. joulukuu 2022

Incredibly poor customer service. I send them an email on the 18th and a reminder on the 20th, and I have yet to hear back from them.

Nakama Knives
11 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
App HQ Pte. Ltd. vastasi 30. joulukuu 2022

Hello Team Nakama Knives,

Sorry to hear that we couldn't meet your expectations. I can see that Laura from our team did reply to your query and offered a workaround to be applied to your store on the same day. They were waiting for access approval to test the workaround for your query but haven't received it yet.

Assuming the issue is still outstanding - I have separately initiated a thread with your team so that we can provide the best solution we can. Again, apologies for the confusion/delay.

Head of Product, Slide Cart & Cart Upsell - TCC

Muokattu 13. helmikuu 2022

DO NOT DOWNLOAD! If you want to get rid of the app IT IS STUCK ON YOUR STORE. It has massively damaged my conversion rate because it blocks the addition of ANY discounts being applied. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Angelus De Leon Jewelry
Noin kuukausi sovelluksen käyttöä
App HQ Pte. Ltd. vastasi 13. helmikuu 2022

Hi Angelus De Leon Jewelry,
We're sorry to read of this issue with you store.
However this appears to be a Shopify setting, not a Slide Cart issue.
You will need to delete the automatic discount you created under Shopify > Discounts > Automatic Discounts as this was not created by Slide Cart. You can also read more about Shopify Discounts here:
Warm regards,

15. kesäkuu 2022

Dishonest company practice. They create problems that weren't there. Contacted the support to have one problem fixed (customer unable to use discount code ONLY on mobile) but after giving the support access to the store they decided to remove the laptop discount code(at checkout) as well. These weren't problems that came with the app originally but were created by the Slide Cart team to force stores to use their paid subscription. I understand that all businesses want to make sales but create more problems withholding a default feature for startups isn't the way to go. Will try other apps that are more transparent.

19 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
App HQ Pte. Ltd. vastasi 15. kesäkuu 2022

Hi Denny and team Gogonuts,
I’m very sorry to read of your experience here.
You contacted us regarding the discount code box issue in your store and our team responded to confirm that because you are only on our free plan this feature is not included, and therefore you would need to trial our premium plan for 7 days (at no charge to you). Our team also requested further information from you to be able to assist you with this issue, but we haven't heard back from you.
We certainly do not create problems to force you into a paid subscription, and we apologise if that is how it came across.
Our team is standing by to assist you when you are ready.
Warm regards,
Customer Success

23. elokuu 2022

Verschrikkelijke app. Met de gratis versie kan je NIKS. Je MOET de dure versie kiezen om ook maar één product in de cart te laten zien om te gebruiken als upsell. Crossell niet te zien. Dat er zoveel positieve recensies staan, strookt niet met de werkelijkheid. Deze app meteen weer verwijderd.

Electric Evolution
21 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
App HQ Pte. Ltd. vastasi 23. elokuu 2022

Hi Electric Evolution,
I’m so sorry to read of your experience with our app.
Our app listing states the features of our free and paid versions, so I’m sorry if this wasn’t evident to you.
If you’d like to try our Slide Cart premium for 30 days completely free with no strings attached, please email me at richard@apphq.co
Warm regards,
Customer Success