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21 oktober 2022

NEVER EVER USE THIS APP. I am not kidding. We installed the app and connected to distributor and SEMA catalog. Everything seemed to be ok. Though instead of 200+ brands you will find only 6 with Keystone. So, I added 3 brands to test and the app started synching the data. Today when I opened my admin I saw that the app messed everything up and uploaded all the products from those brands when I filtered out the categories we need. Not a big deal, I thought and decided just to remove them from the site. But right after I removed the products they were uploaded again to the site. Bizarre, I removed them again --> the app put them back again. OK, I decided to disconnect the distributor and the catalog which I did but it didn't help Even without any connection to SEMA and distributor this app somehow puts back the products I remove each and every time. I even decided just to send them to draft in order not to display that mess on the website. BUT it makes them active again. I will have to report this app to SEMA and to all the distributors, as it doesn't work and Alexanrdra does not know what to do. She told me they disconnected the app and stopped it but somehow it's still uploading the removed products to the site. Result: 1. I have +2500 messy products displayed on the site which can cause problems with my customers if someone orders any of that products
2. App support is absolutely helpless, they simply can't fix it
3. New urls will hurt our SEO
4. -1 day of my life trying to solve that. This app should not be here as it's simply dangerous and I will have report it to Shopify.

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Data Here-to-There heeft geantwoord 23 oktober 2022

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the app. We can definitely help you with those issues. The goal of the app is to import the brands that you select and keep them synchronized. This is why you see them automatically re-created. It also respects the brand permissions from your catalogs which is why you will see the authorization status on the brands. The best way to fix that is to request approval for the brands that are unauthorized.