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Editado a 1 de julho de 2024

Zero Stars for Snakes!!! They keep charging you after you delete the app before the trial period ends. I was charged twice in the same month for my other store. Here is what they say,

Shopify told us that you need to reach out to them and they will explain where the refund that we issued went. The refund is in Shopify credit and most likely It was used for another app or Shopify plan Itself.

Due to privacy reasons they cannot disclose exactly where It was used, but If you provided both of the screenshots I sent to you - Shopify will explain that we refunded you and where the refund went.

What they said, Sorry for the late reply. I was talking to Shopify about It. So the invoice was created on June 8 (after 3 day trial) and billed on June 30:

And we refunded you on June 22 for the June 8 - July 8 period. You had a single charge and we refunded the full amount.

Here is my app info that had a 30 day trial.
June 21 - App uninstalled

June 4 - App installed

There is no refund credit on my account except one for today and the money does not go back into your account either.

Shopify support is now transferring it to their billing department to resolve the issue.

These people are liars and snakes and will continuously send emails to try to make you sign up again. This app messed up ALL of my stores.

Bon Bon Bird Toys
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17 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por TinyIMG 3 de julho de 2024


We did everything correct here, we refunded the merchant the full amount in Shopify credit, but due to Shopify billing, our issued credit was applied else where.

Shopify told us that the merchant was informed where the credit was applied, but still decided to leave a review while they previously had left us a highest rating review.

Billing reviews are really sad to get due to apps not having control over billing.

Old response:


Julia here. I deleted our CEOs reply as I feel really hurt about your review. Please understand that there is no point in not refunding you and ruining our reputation.

We have been in conversation about your 3 stores and I went out of my way and refunded you for all of the 3 stores and for 2 of them I convinced my team to provide you with a free one year trial because you said you cannot afford the subscriptions..

Refund for this store: https://prnt.sc/NHd47e7ULEAJ
Refund for tc-beauty.com: https://prnt.sc/iu4lG9IqVFAl
Refund for olivermontessori.com: https://prnt.sc/lktYKisK5De5

You even had left us a review previously for the quality support I provided. This was your review: https://prnt.sc/Pe_ksKB8PTcK

We even reached out to Shopify and asked if we did something wrong, but they confirmed that we did everything correct: https://prnt.sc/1d4hnzeLxYJF

And again, caring for you I reached out to Shopify today and pushed them to do a direct refund faster. Which they did for True Colour Beauty and Oliver & Company Montessori Toys.

I really cared for you when we were talking, helped as much as I can and because of the Shopify billing misunderstanding you're calling me a liar, a snake. I feel really hurt as I gave out my best for you. :(

I wish we could have a conversation between us and I could again explain where Shopify support misinformed you and that we did everything correct like Shopify superior support said: https://prnt.sc/1d4hnzeLxYJF

13 de junho de 2024

Terrible predatory app.

I used the trial version and ran through a few images. I didn't see the results I wanted and cancelled before the end of the trial. They still charged my shopify account $67!!

Stay far away, just optimize your images yourself. You'll have better results anyway without another app slowing your store down.

Scroll and Circuit Games
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4 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por TinyIMG 15 de junho de 2024


It's really sad to get review for billing, especially when our app did everything correct.

We reached out to the merchant, explained why they got charged and refunded the full amount: https://prnt.sc/z0FhukoML3v_

The reason the merchant was charged is because they used the app over trial, uninstalled and got charged at a later date for the pending charge. This happens all the time and we always refund on request.

It's really sad to see reviews instead of receiving an email for billing issues when we can resolve them within minutes, especially when we get reviews published only after 24h or more so we cannot react fast to the issue at hand.

We wish the merchant all the best and hope their store succeeds!

Also If you are reading this review, just email us and we will sort out all of your billing issues within 24 hours of your email!

22 de abril de 2024

Hat mir fast alle Produktseiten zerschossen! Nie wieder!

Secret Trends
39 minutes usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por TinyIMG 23 de abril de 2024

We tried to reach out to the merchant and ask what happened as when we checked their product pages - everything looked perfect. We finally got in touch with them, asked to help us investigate what is going on and offered a lot of benefits from our end if they helped us investigate, but we just got blocked.

We think communication is key when running a business and It's really sad to see such cases when you get completely ignored while having only good intentions.

If anyone else is reading this and has any issues, please reach out to our customer support. We solve 100% of the concerns and go the extra mile to provide additional value! You will not regret It!

Editado a 23 de agosto de 2023

I used the trial version, they charged me $19. Although I deleted the application and canceled the membership, my bill seems to be renewed. It was said in the comments that you were misleading and cheating, but I didn't care, but I'm sorry to say that it is true. Nobody is helping me. I will report you on Shopify and Google.

*They quickly resolved my issue and refunded my money. Thank you for that.

4 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por TinyIMG 22 de agosto de 2023

To anyone reading this: If you have any kind of issue with Billing, SEO or Store Speed - our customer support is available in our app or through email info@tiny-img.com.

We will help with every concern you have, resolve all issues and provide some extra advice If needed. Just message us, you will not regret It!

Please note that If you publish a review, Shopify will show It to us only after 24 to 48 hours. So to get things resolved faster, just email us at info@tiny-img.com or message our in-app customer support!

Old response:

The merchant picked the Advanced (which costs 19.99) plan, went through the trial we have and got charged for the plan. But when they reached out to us, we responded immediately and refunded you the full amount: https://prnt.sc/CwSq5w59aUy2

We were able to contact the merchant through social media and resolved the issue for them, they decided to update the review, but still leave It at the lowest rating. And after that we just got ignored.

We would never cheat our customers and we usually respond within the hour. So If you have any billing concerns, feel free to reach out to us and we will sort everything out!

Editado a 4 de agosto de 2020

(**app in first week charged $150 not card account given, but shopify store bill no approval)
* update* the reply is the way predatory companies operate. They told me accounts would be frozen. Bully you because they think there's little you can do, but there is **
**app in first week they tried to charge $150 without approval, and not to the card I gave them...onto my shopify bill. I paid for yearly service because their price was reasonable for the little bit it does. Which most of you can get for free. Automatic image resizing smaller optimizing would be worth the cost. Nope uninstalled filing fraudulant charges with bank, and see if shopify is agreed with their liable claim of "shopify approved" their tactics.
---....I put a little bit of their response claiming shopify is the one charging it. They didn't care I never approved what they were doing, or that it's illegal in the country I'm in to operate that way.

This app doesn't do anything to help. After I started using app my site got slower. It doesn't help I have to find a program that doesn't charge for something every other one does for free. Also charging by the image without asking for my approval. Then trying to add it into my shopify bill is red flag. Watch out.
--- ...The way they operate is predatory. Do not let companies get away with side charging a 3rd party bill. That high of a charge over 1 week without notification. Even if shopify won't refund their false charge I will file fraudulent charges with my bank.

Ju**** profile
Please give me a moment, let me check your account first
Ju**** profile
I see that you selected "Yearly" plan for 23.88$ which has 1200 free image optimizations and if you exceed free limit extra charges will imply. 0.02$ per extra image optimizations.
--- ..
--They don't say it, but their dashboard has a meter it claims will only process amount covered in plan reached, that's how it presents itself.
Then if you want the rest done. You tell it to startup and pay 0.02each was what I read on there. I had no clue they would slip charges onto my shopify bill a 3rd party. Which I would never agreed to that billing arrangement. I like a defined upfront budget. I pay for annual service usually.
In your case i see that optimized over 12,133 images with Tiny and saved ~92MB of space.
Application can't directly slow your page speed as we don't install any code for image optimization and by reducing image size, page size becomes lighter, it means it will take less time to download images to your customer.
Most of your images are 800x800 1000x1000. Their resolution is small,---(that's not very small in digital image terms online)-- page speed issue is definitely not in images. [(Another app..Go**le.. I had check it said 800 unapproved images because to large causing delayed loading some pages)]
Page speed depends not only on images, it depends on theme code quality, scripts, applications, styling, videos, even some fonts can slow page speed and more.
Image optimization is the first step you should do. There are much more tasks to be completed in order to achieve top-notch page speed.
I can assign our SEO guy to write out all the tips for page speed.
And regarding charges, you would save some money if you picked two year plan. I will talk with Tiny team regarding your case and send you an update as soon as possible
Also Tiny is automated application which not only reduce image size, but also improves image SEO.

You can't charge up people without their approval. I'm going to remove your app. File complaint at shopify about your tactics
Then I'm reporting it to my credit card company.
------their response
Ju**** profile
Pricing is verified by Shopify. Please don't do that, as Shopify might freeze your account.
Could you please give me some time, i'm waiting for our team reply, we will get back to you asap.
Charges are still pending, and you have not been charged
Out of 12,000 images your "image resize app fix" resized 90...I still have 800 of 900 images to resize. Then attempted to charge me $150 without my approval over 1 week of service. After a yearly service charge, and using not the payment method I gave them. Onto another billing of 3rd party.
---...I figure I would spend a little time telling people what they are doing. Don't trust a company that asks for a review before you've used them once. I should have been smarter, and you should go find another company.
I will post this review on their other app pages, and on reviews with other websites.

Estados Unidos
About 1 month usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por TinyIMG 4 de agosto de 2020

If you are reading this and have any billing concerns or questions - please reach out to us and we will resolve all of the billing concerns you have. Please note that If you publish a review, Shopify will show It to us only after 24 to 48 hours. So to get things resolved faster, just email us at info@tiny-img.com or message our in-app customer support!

Old response:

The merchant picked the yearly plan. Where in Shopify payment window we provided this information: "By choosing this plan you will be charged $23.88 immediately for a year and receive free 1200 image optimizations every year (will be reset to 1200, not added). Every other image optimization will cost 1¢ per image. Note that all your images will be optimized automatically - TinyIMG won’t stop optimizing once your 1200 free image optimizations are used." Where you can agree or decline. The merchant approved the terms.

As the merchant added more than 1200 images, they were charged accordingly.

We reached out to the merchant through email and our customer chat. Offered a refund. After calling, email, messaging them - no response.

20 de janeiro de 2022

Terrible experience. It made all the video thumbnails the main photo image. I had to manually go in and rearrange every product image in my store to get the correct main image back. It claims you can restore images but you have to do it one by one and there is no clear place to even do so. Even worse, it reduced the visual quality of all my images. And yes it was noticeable!

Sankofa Edition™
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3 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por TinyIMG 20 de janeiro de 2022

To anyone reading this - If you have any kind of issue or need help with your store speed - our customer support is available on our app or through email. We will help you as much as we can!

Old response:

We were able to reach out to the customer and figured out that the quality of the images was not effected and our app optimized 320 MB from 400+ images. We also optimized the image filenames and ALT texts which will increase image search results!

We explained the issue with videos being put to the front of the image gallery after optimization and the merchant gave great advice to add a warning for all merchants that this might happen. It was implemented within a hour.

The merchant told us that they would reconsider the review, but started completely ignoring us after we refunded them all charges and implemented all of their suggestions.