Smart Product Tagger

Smart Product Tagger

door FV Solutions

Automatically tags your products to increase conversion rate

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Increase Sales

More tags will help customers to find products easily. Improve customer experience and increase conversion rate by 30%.

Improve Productivity

One click to automatically generate tags for all your products. Saving your time from manually adding tags.

AI Powered

Powered by the cutting edge Image Recognization and Natural Language Technologies, we make sure the tags are as accurate as possible

Over Smart Product Tagger


Product tags have many essential benefits for the merchant to increase sales. They help customers more comfortable finding products they want. More search hits help increase sales! In addition to customers being able to find related products more efficiently, using tags sets a website to take advantage of the search engine benefits of tagging and enhance your web page SEO.

However, manually tagging products can be labor-intensive. What if it can be done automatically? Smart Product Tagger is an app that automatically generates product tags for you. Using the latest image recognization and Natural Language Processing technologies, it analyzes your product information and provides accurate tags for you. It also provides an easy to use UI for you to fine-tuning your tags.

Easy to use

  • We design the app to be super easy to use. You can generate tags for a single product or generate tags for all your products with just one click of the button.
  • The app will not overwrite your existing tags, and in fact they will be stored for future restoration if you want.
  • We also provide a "Tweak" button that allows you to tune your tags quickly.

Highly Scalable

The AI computation can be time-consuming, yet we designed a highly scalable backend. Either you have ten products or 1 billion products, Smart Product Tagger can handle them with ease.

Excellent Support

We offer excellent customer support. If you have any questions or need clarifications or customization solutions, just let us know.



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Gratis te installeren

No risk to try. Free for first 10 products. $0.01 per product afterwards. Volume discount available.

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