Smart Social Login

Smart Social Login


Login with your social media accounts

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Hassle free login process

Get faster and easier to social sign-up without any registration process.

Better conversion

Increase social networking power & conversion on your shop.

One click installation

Simple installation process & better support.

Over Smart Social Login

Smart Social Login helps the customers to log in with their social media credentials without going through the whole registration process. The installation process for this app is very easy.

It helps to save the time and efforts of your customers during registration because the customer does not have to fill all the fields in the form and can directly click on the smart social icon to log in using the social media option of their choice and access the store.

With just one click on the ”Add app” button, you can effortlessly install this app in your store.

Smart Social app supports the following social logins:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Amazon

Smart Social Login Process

  • As Shopify store owner, you can install the Smart Social Login app in your store. Once the installation is successful, social login icons will be visible on the Registration/Login Page. You can set the place where these icons should be visible on the Registration page/Login Page and can also select the layout of the icons from the backend
  • When customers visit the registration/login page, they can see the social login icons and select any social media login option of their choice to log in to your Shopify store. Using the social media login, they can skip the whole registration/login process of Shopify.

Increased Registrations

Research proves that

  • Most of the people left the store because they've forgotten their username/password.
  • Many of people the visiting your site, already have a 3rd party social account. Did you ever realized, how many potential customer or orders you may have lost because you don't have an open authentication Did you ever realized, how many potential customer or orders you may have missed because you don't have open authentication available at your store.

Smart Social Login App Installation Process

The setup is as easy as it can get. We've put all the possible efforts to make it a seamless integration.

  • Open Shopify apps store > Search for Smart Social Login app > Click the Add app button.
  • Afterward, you will be redirected to the smart social login dashboard.
  • Over there, you can select which social media login do you want to make available for your customer? You will have the "ON/OFF toggle button" within the app dashboard.
  • You can set the place for the social icons either on the top or bottom of the registration/login page. Even you can change the templates/look of the social media icons from our predefined templates.

If you are facing any issue in installing this app then please contact us and our app expert team will handle the installation.

Important Notes:

This app works well with only English Language(Social Media Language). We will launch an upgraded version for new languages soon.

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3.2 van 5 sterren

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It didnt work, i installed and it doesn't function; i tried to upgrade my plan and didnt work it was useffull for me.


We try to install app and it doesn't work. We don't see list of social to select.
Support team doesn't answer during 5 days (3 of them was working days).


This app and the team is really awesome. When I contacted the developer about a query, I got a genuine response right away. . My problem was the app would not load immediately (it would take a second or two). So they ended up "hard-coding" it into the liquid files. Now it loads instantly! This literally made a huge different for me, massive impact on customers and I am extremely happy with it.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

19 augustus 2019

Thank you for such an awesome review! We wish to continue providing the service to you and look forward to working with you in the future.