Free Smarter Contact Us Form

Free Smarter Contact Us Form

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FAQ Contact Us, Data Analysis, Design, Email Classification

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Reduce Repetitive Queries

Easily add question type & suggested answer. Design & Build & Customize your smarter contact us form - NO technical knowledge necessary!

Increase Productivity

Improve Customer Service workflows-Email & Queries Classification, Reducing customer attrition, Specific "Attach File" cases, Auto response.

Data Analysis & Insights

A revolutionary way to get important data, analyze data & gain insights.

Free Smarter Contact Us Formの詳細情報

Why should you install our apps?

With everything we do, we aim to create a better future, we aim to think differently. The way we do that is by developing apps that was written by experienced merchants. Our apps are user friendly, easy to use and make your business more efficient and profitable.

Why should you optimize your Contact Us Form?

Getting a new message is great, but getting the same message again and again and respond the same could be very expensive, annoying and waste of time.

Most stores try to create FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page but as you know it is NOT effective anymore in E-commerce industry. In fact a lot stores with FAQ page get exactly the same questions even when they had those questions and answers in FAQ page. Today World is moving faster than ever - customers want to see right away the exact information they need in front of them without switching between pages, a lot reading or searching.

However, your store's contact us form gives you the perfect opportunity to share the exact information the customer wants to see right away!

By optimizing your contact us form you will make your business much more effective and profitable.

Why Smarter Contact Us Form?

Smarter Contact Us Form is a simple and very powerful app for contact us form optimization. Smarter Contact Us Form is a revolutionary way to reduce repetitive queries, increase productivity and efficiency, improve customer service workflows, and get valuable data & analysis data & gain insights.

Smarter Contact Us Form Widgets

  • Add question type
  • Add suggested answer
  • Data Analysis
  • Email Classification
  • Queries Classification
  • Consolidate inquiries from the same customer
  • Prioritize inquiries
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Unlimited Autoresponder Emails
  • Title of the question type in your email
  • Select in which cases "Attach File" is Required
  • Apply conditional logic - Required / Display / Hide form field
  • Design
  • Add & Edit filled name
  • Customize contact form (contact us form) without coding: text color, button color, background
  • Customize header & footer of form
  • Customize contact form (contact us form) without coding: text color, button color, background
  • Customize “Thank you” message after your customer submits the form.
  • Customize automatically email that will be send to the customer who submitted the form
  • Get email for each form submit
  • Get email to the designated department according the question type
  • Allow uploading attachment file (Example: jpg, png, css, jpeg, pdf, doc, txt)
  • Switch to Smarter Contact Us Form IN JUST ONE CLICK (NO coding required)
  • Smarter Contact Us Form is responsive on desktop, tablet & mobile screens
  • Supports text in any language
  • Easy to display your form anywhere by short code






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Brent Dixon

PERFECT! This is a brilliant app! the app helped me a lot with reducing repetitive queries and get smart insights from the customer service



Thank you for your review 🙏 Our support team is always ready to help you 24/7😎


This app works perfectly for us and did what we needed and much more!
Thank you for choosing this app!!++++++



Thank you for your amazing review and feedback 🙏 Our support team is always ready to help you 24/7 :)