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Slows down my store considerably. My SEO/site manager tells me to remove it every month. Very glitchy, I can barely access the dashboard most days. Disappointing considering the number of good reviews it has. I wouldn't recommend it.

Bookish Night In
Smile.ioが返信しました 2022年12月4日

Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve Smile, and appreciate hearing from merchants like you.

I hear you have concerns about Smile's impact on your store's speed. Our team actively monitors our app for performance-related factors, and we take every opportunity to make sure things are working in a way that has as little impact on the customer experience as possible. The Smile Launcher and Panel are designed with speed in mind and will load asynchronously. This means that customers will be able to begin interacting with your site immediately, while Smile loads itself in the background. We also only insert a couple of relatively small code snippets into your theme, which shouldn’t be the cause of any major slowdowns in how long it takes your website to load.

Regarding the dashboard, this is definitely out of the ordinary. I've reached out to learn more about the situation so we can look into this for you ASAP.

Thanks again for reaching out. We look forward to hearing back from you so we can remedy the situation.

All the best,

Nicole & the Smile team


The app sent a prompt asking for a review so I obliged.
This app is HORENDOUSLY priced. Yes, there are other options you can use for your store and pay WAY less which I do but I am so disgusted by the sheer audacity of the creators to charge what they do for the most basic of things. There are 3 plans - One for $49 a month, one for $200 a month...Yes, TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS every single MONTH and the last one for $600 monthly. Their free plan is simple and will be enough to get you started with a loyalty program. You won't be able to customize anything about it or add any of your own branding but it will be enough to get going.

Ego Naturals
Smile.ioが返信しました 2022年10月13日

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We empathize with how difficult navigating pricing issues can be for merchants and would love to offer you a free trial of any plan you choose. We find that Smile's return on investment far outweighs any initial costs but we also understand that making such a commitment is daunting. We would love for you to enjoy all the benefits of Smile with absolutely no risk to yourself. I have sent an email as well offering to set this up, we hope to hear from you soon!

Joshua - Smile Team 🧙‍♂️


If your focusing on your SEO this app has many Javascript issues. With a new site Google page insights was giving me a 38 score. With being the major contributor. I reach out to support to let them know of the details of the Google issues and the app issues Google was able to provide detailed information about and they immediately brushed it off saying it was not them and instead other apps. I did a support video, recorded it in there help chat with an agent to show them what the code issues where on the mobile and desktop analysis. They knew and didnt care and or denied it was them, despite proof. So I deleted and my mobile speed score went from 39 to 75 instantly! Load spead it one of the number one areas Google looks at to rank your site high in Google searches and improve users from clicking away. With smile my full load time was 10sec after deleting it it went to 3.5sec. Sad to have deleted it but it was the best for my business to rank on google and measurable improve customer experience. Run your page insights before and after and you'll see the load time drop. Even with disabling the button on mobile. Hope they will finally address there code performance issues, this is a much have for shop owner.

Hot Pawz
Smile.ioが返信しました 2022年8月22日

Thank you for the feedback! We've sent an email your way with more information about the concerns you have addressed. 🙂


I have been using this app but seems the upgrade plan price is high , beyond the average rewards program. Even so, I could not send point reminder emails in the free plan thus by now it seems not doing much help for my flower business at the moment.

One Flower Macau_HK
Smile.ioが返信しました 2022年3月4日

Hey there! Thank you for leaving us a review 🙏 We appreciate your feedback on pricing - and will send you over an email to help out!


Does not integrate well with POS and other channels like ebay. Can't merge accounts or delete them either. I have some customers that have as many as 7 different entries as customers all with accumulated points because they used a different method of payment. It works fine with the online store but then I'll get people messaging me on ebay saying they received an email about points, signed up and the points aren't there...because they now have two customer profiles in the system. One as a member and one as a guest and the guest account has the points. I thought by adding them as a customer at check out in store on my POS that the points would be awarded to them but nope I have to manually adjust their points. Like I said it works fine if using online store only but if you have multiple channels, good luck because it's a flawed system.

Duke's Card Shop
Smile.ioが返信しました 2021年11月22日

Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us your review & feedback - we really appreciate it!

Regarding the duplicate customer issue that you're experiencing - I can definitely see how that can be a pain.
Currently - Smile gets all customer data directly synced over from Shopify - so if Shopify creates duplicate customers based on payment method; we're unfortunately also going to be getting those duplicate customers in Smile. What I would recommend in your POS store would be to always start by collecting your customers' email addresses to associate to the order; instead of having the customer be added to the order based on payment method. This way - the points will always be tied to the customer's email address.
Regarding the existing duplicated customer profiles - I found a discussion on Shopify's community that might be helpful to you:

I hope this helps! Please don't hesitate to reach out to if we can help with anything else 🙏 Take care!


The loyalty and referral programs are great, and their support is fantastic! Mackenzie was really prompt in answering all our queries. EDIT: 2022-01-14
After using Smile for a few months, I've reduced our ratings to 2 stars. Two of our biggest complaints are: 1. Terrible UX for discount code redemption: The user "applies" a discount code on the cart page via the Smile nudge, but there is no user visible feedback whatsoever that the code has been applied. About 75% of our customers that create discount codes don't actually end up redeeming them because of this, and we think our conversion rates have actually *reduced*. Our tech team spent significant amount of time trying to fix this on our end, but because Smile runs within an "iframe" there is absolutely nothing you can do. Be prepared for customer complaints that their points redemption isn't working. 2. Mediocre functionality to handle customer refund abuse: A customer can place an order, redeem their earned points and then return their original order. Effectively, they've gotten "free" points. There's nothing you can do to address this, other than manually inspect the points dashboard in Smile and address these cases. Not at all feasible if you deal with a large quantity of orders and operate on thin margins. There are easy tech solutions to this (e.g. Smile could let us delay awarding points by x days), but Smile doesn't support them. Unfortunately we can't really disable the program once we've launched it without aggravating our loyal customers. So we're stuck dealing with these issues while we look for an alternate program to migrate to. Regardless of the app issues, their support team is stellar in their responsiveness.

Shop The Arena
Smile.ioが返信しました 2021年10月26日

I'm glad to hear you are happy with the loyalty and referral programs. It was great to work with you and get your business what it needed 😁
- Mackenzie


Super nice app and support. I love the value it adds to the store and it was easy to set up. Looks fantastic too from a UI perspective. Thanks to Lynn for the help! **UDPATE** Unfortunately, I have to take 3 stars away. Not being able to reorder rewards in the panel is quite inconvenient and it seems like a pretty basic feature to have. Depending on the season, you might want to promote some rewards more than others (put them on top) or simply keep them nice and tidy. Support told me they would add it to suggestions, but that's pretty much. For the app price, I'd expect to have this functionality by default. Happy to change the rating once this is implemented.

Paint by Numbers
Smile.ioが返信しました 2021年9月7日

We're glad to hear you enjoy the app and user interface! We'll let Lynn know you appreciate her. We do too, she's pretty great at listening to customers needs and helping them get what they need ✨


I am not happy that I cannot hide the icon on all devices since I am on free plan. If it’s possible i do not know how. Therefore I am going to completely stop the program instead if they do not respond with a solution I tried to contact support and it’s not as easy as I would like. I just want to keep the rewards program and remove icon. It’s too much clutter on my site already.

Rejuva Fresh
Smile.ioが返信しました 2021年5月27日

Thank you so much for your review, and for sharing your nice experience with the setup! We're so glad to hear that ✨


Don’t believe all the 5 star reviews. Yea, this has everything you need for a loyalty program. It’s easy to use, just like all the other loyalty apps. These guys were just early on in the game. There are tons of apps doing loyalty programs. Smile is not one that will grow with you. Support team is NOT 24/7. If you have an issue at night on the west coast of the US, good luck having them help... btw, most people like to shop online in the evenings. Also, they apparently had some issue last year that was returning redeemed points to customers. I gave away a few thousand dollars without realizing it until late. Smile offered no compensation. Just told me to manually remove points from customers, which would obviously upset the customer. Lastly, their “search/filter” system is garbage. You can’t find a customer unless you type out their entire email or name. The search is not intuitive. When you have a few thousand customers, it should be. Good luck.

Nordic Catch
Smile.ioが返信しました 2021年2月22日

Hello there! Thank you so much for leaving us a review with your feedback. I'm terribly sorry to hear of the issues that you've experienced with our app. We'd love to help - we've reached out through livechat to provide more info. Thanks again!


I think too little is offered in the free plan because it is not worth paying for the plans if it is difficult to get persons to sign up. Customization of rewards still has its limits.
will rate again at a later date
Smile.ioが返信しました 2021年1月20日

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I've checked your loyalty program's configuration and can see lots of opportunities where we can help you optimise, particularly around how quickly your customers can earn their first reward, and the value of their points.

Additionally, Smile can only be as successful as your store. So ensuring you have a healthy customer presence before enabling your loyalty program will is important to gain traction.

I'll reach out to you shortly with more information regarding optimisation :)