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3. toukokuu 2024

Horrendous customer support. I started up some ads and was instantly locked out of my account. Ive been getting charged for ads for over a month. $156. Customer support has been terrible back and forth with automation. There is literally no resolution to my problem and they cant remove my payment method. Oh but they sent me a screenshot saying that their conversions showed I had 2,000 clicks. I have google analytics, google tags, and obviously shopify analytics and I can literally see how much traffic I get from snapchat ads. It is nowhere near this number. I would be very careful about this sketchy ad program.

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19. huhtikuu 2024

can't connect it to Shopify

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19. maaliskuu 2024

I don't know yet, i have start using it then I can review.

JGR with a touch of Maori
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27. helmikuu 2024

the app isnt working on my shopify

Lace Lounge
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28. joulukuu 2023

Hard to use

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13. kesäkuu 2023

I won't be using snapchat ads again! I did as the promotion required spent $25 on a campaign that I created via shopify and i was supposed to get a $100 ad credit. after my initial campaign ended i waited a week because that's how long it said it would take for the credit to be applied but it never came after I contacted snapchat ad support they tried to weasel out of the promotion by saying I didn't follow the requirements which I know i did and refuse to honor the promotion. so be it your refusal to honor $100 credit cost you potential hundreds more in future ad spend I'll use my marketing budget on the other sales channels!

GEFNET I.T. Services
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8. lokakuu 2023

Anyone who is doing snap ads are wasting money lads. I have scaled multiple brands above 100k using facebook and tiktok. Just wanted to try using Snap ads because they were advertising everywhere. They are useless. I am also making a youtube video to show why they are the worst and show my 300k subscribers.

Sparkling Spin
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7. joulukuu 2023

super application

Elementary Shop
Kongon demokraattinen tasavalta
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29. heinäkuu 2023

The actual UI is alright. However, they spent and took money on a campaign which was turned off and caused me to lose money.

The customer service is useless, they can just send articles, which aren't relevant to your issue.

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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17. lokakuu 2023

meh meh meh meh meh meh do I have to keep typing meh until it reaches an exhausting amount? because i'm already there meh meh

Black dragons place
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