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Social Boost , 140 recensies

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20 juni 2022

Social Boost offers wonderful customer service - highly recommended. When I experienced difficulty with points being allocated, they tested on my behalf with multiple devices to ensure that my campaign runs smoothly. Thank you.

Just Christ Designs
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3 augustus 2020

Its a pretty straight forward app, although the video option, when tested, doesn't work on everyone's mobile, which can be very concerning

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Maverick Mav Pty Limited heeft geantwoord 5 augustus 2020

My name is Akash Malik. I am the founder of Apps Mav.
My colleagues reviewed your campaign as soosn as they received your email and also did reply back as they could not find the Video referral you had mentioned in your email. We do not have the feature that you are referring to – My apologies if we have not correctly understood your message. I can confirm that the available video features are working fine.

Stay Safe And Regards

4 oktober 2016

I was a bit disappointed about this app - it's not very user friendly considering it's a social app and the overall user interface needs some work.

Bamboo Life Australia
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Maverick Mav Pty Limited heeft geantwoord 21 december 2019

We are sorry to hear about your experience and can assure you that your feedback means a lot to us. We have put considerable resources and time in redesigning both the admin screens and front end campaigns look and feel. We would love you to give our app another shot and would like to assure you that we are here to help.

20 juli 2020

This app was easy to set up and looks nice in my store. On my end everything has been great. I'm paying for a more expensive plan, but I figured it would be worth it.

My customers, however, hate it. I have constant messages of issues on their end with social boost not counting certain sign ups (especially Youtube subscriptions). I've recommended basic trouble shooting like using a different browser, turning off adblock, etc, but I really can't fix their issues since it's an issue with social boost and not on my end or anything I have any control over. I can't find a way to manually add entries for these customers either so I get the brunt of their anger.

When my giveaway is over, I won't be using it again. It's a shame because, again, on my end it was great. But it needs to work for my customers or it's pointless!

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Maverick Mav Pty Limited heeft geantwoord 20 juli 2020

[UPDATE: July 21, 2020] As promised, we have released a feature for admin to be able to manually add the entries.

July 20, 2020
My name is Akash Malik. I am the founder of Apps Mav.

I totally agree and understand your frustration.

First of all my sincere apologies.

You have raised two issues:

Manually adding entries: I agree that we should have this feature and thank you for pointing this out. Accordingly I have discussed this with my team and we will release this new feature within the next two days. Our apps are regularly enhanced based on customer feedback , which is very valuable for us.

For YouTube subscription - Please let me clarify by saying that if the action does not receive a verification callback from YouTube, the subscription will not be counted or rewarded- So perhaps this is the reason for the observed behavior. Additionally, my colleagues have thoroughly tested by entering your campaign as multiple users via different devices and browsers and I can confirm that all subscription entries are being counted for your giveaway and the action is working as defined. If you see a different behavior, please email the entrants' details to and I will get this investigated further.
We will email the test screenshots to you.

Stay Safe And Regards

1 januari 2022

I really like how it manages contests in a fun way for the customers and it is all easy to use for me.

Artisanat Le trèfle à 4 feuilles
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5 februari 2020

Excellent app, it helped us to manage our giveaways professionally.
We do recommend it a lot, you should use it!

Longplay, Inc.
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4 mei 2020

Esta aplicación es excelente. Probé 2 similares antes que ésta y además de ser sencilla, el soporte es puntual, son atentos, rápidos. Me gusta mucho la aplicación, totalmente la recomiendo.

Ornatus Art Mex
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18 mei 2018

Ummm your website says it doesn't exist anymore..

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Maverick Mav Pty Limited heeft geantwoord 21 december 2019

We are sorry to hear about your experience and wanted to assure you that our website and apps are working fine. We would love to help you install any of our apps. Providing awesome customer support is very important to us.

20 mei 2021

Well, I am trying to run my first give away but I find really difficult to understand how to put all the pieces together. I really don´t know where to start and I am trying to look for a video tutorial or something similar. Is there such an option? Thanks in advance!

Interiormx Mueblería
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Maverick Mav Pty Limited heeft geantwoord 21 mei 2021

Hi there,
My name is Akash Malik- I am the founder of Apps Mav.
First of all my sincere apologies for your experience.
We've put together lots of predefined templates which you can preview by going to Social Boost admin> Campaigns> View Templates
and select the one that meets with your objectives by simply clicking the 'create' button to copy them- You then only need to make minimal changes to customize it to your requirements and launch.

We'd love to help you run your campaigns and answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to email us at and hope you will give us another try
Stay Safe And Regards

Bewerkt 1 oktober 2017

Set Up Process was great and everything looked great then when trying to do simple things like save a new title and apply terms and conditions the app would not let me save anything so i hit a wall and have now uninstalled. sorry

Dark Matter Uk
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