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22. helmikuu 2024

It's easy to use, fast to set up and the support team is really good! I would love to have more personalised options in certain pages though, the visual customisation is a bit basic. Also, if affiliates want to track their gains/commissions, they need to sign up to Snowball outside of your website, which I find not ideal.

MoYou London
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1. syyskuu 2023

Staying organised while trying to grow an ambassador program can be challenging, but with the help of Snowball and their amazing team we've been able to grow our ambassador program while staying organised which we really appreciate.

There have been a few hick ups along the way that came up tech wise (which happens in any app from time to time) but their support team is always sure to get them resolved asap.

We'd definitely recommend using this app to grow your own affiliate or ambassador program.

Good Protein
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Muokattu 7. kesäkuu 2022

Our customer service rep was very fast with their responses, helpful and very fun to chat with! We got our question resolved in under 10 min!

ROVUX Footwear
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1. maaliskuu 2022

The onboarding tech was patient and helpful. I look forward to seeing how it works. Good support and I liked preset content.

Add Life
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Muokattu 8. marraskuu 2021

Social Snowball is a very effective app to get new customers and buyers in the process. a very effective approach for referrals

vintage soccer jersey
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17. elokuu 2022

This is a good app. Helps with auto payouts compared to other apps where you have to manually do the payouts.. Support was really helpful to customize for us since we already had affiliates we were working with.

Unsubscribe Hair & Body
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