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Bewerkt 18 maart 2024

This has been great for a long time, but now the admin section won't load properly, and there are loads of fake spam reviews sneaking onto our homepage (not from Facebook) that we can't remove. So, there might be security issues here too.

Waiting to hear from the developer on this, but it looks like it's no longer being maintained.


UPDATE - developer was away which explains the silence and the issue. Thanks for getting in touch, and for fixing so quickly. Was still a bit alarming to have these junk reviews on the home page for a number of days, without the ability to remove them. We were very close to just deleting the app, and finding an alternative. Glad to hear its still being maintained.

Corgi Model Club
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LJ Apps heeft geantwoord 16 maart 2024

I have been on vacation for a few days and there was an autoresponder email that went out. The app should be back up and running again. There isn't a way for fake reviews to be inserted into the app. Facebook has been having trouble with spam lately. You can hide or delete the reviews on the Review List page.

20 december 2023

I like this app so far, however I would really like to be able to just use the customers first name and last initial instead of their full name

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10 december 2019

Great App, doesn't always sync with new testimonials but otherwise good layout and easy to use......

Silk Sea
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27 januari 2020

This app is simple to use. I like that I can add more credibility to the review by adding the reviewer's picture using just a url from their social media. There was a hiccup the day after I uploaded the app. I could not get back in to add another testimonial, but it was fixed a couple days later. I'd recommend this app!

The Natural Skincare Queen
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Bewerkt 23 juli 2020

Used this app to publish our facebook page reviews in the home page of our website. Cool app . Builds your social proof. Thanks to the creator for giving the basic plan for free . Very useful for startups like us.

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27 november 2022

I ve been using the app for almost an year but it has some bugs. The photos of the customers that left a review don't show up. I've tried to contact support but there is no chat or any method to contact them so i got frustrated and deleted the app. Sorry

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LJ Apps heeft geantwoord 28 november 2022

I'm sorry about the trouble. To contact support you can use the Support Forum built in to the app or go to the Apps page under your Shopify Admin and there is a contact support link for each app.

Bewerkt 16 augustus 2019

I tried out a couple of things and it seems to work well now. Never disliked the app but just got frustrated because our clients were unable to choose their delivery time and date for a while due to app conflicts which reflects badly on us. After unistalling and re-installing multiple apps, I believe that the Social Testimonial Slider wasn't the issue.

Liked this at first but we mow realized that it's mot compatible with another app we are using because of a JQuery issue that interferes with the other app. So I looked for the customer support info and couldn't find much. Then I did find something but am yet to hear back from them.

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LJ Apps heeft geantwoord 16 augustus 2019

Thank you for your review. I just replied to your support request. Please keep in mind that I work standard US central time hours and don't provide 24/7 support. Social Testimonial Slider only loads jQuery version 3.2 if an old version of jQuery is being used or if no jQuery has been loaded yet. The current version of jQuery is 3.4. Most apps should be compatible with 3.2 since it was released in March of 2017.

28 augustus 2021

App does what it says on the box!
Free plan allows you to test out the feature and effectiveness of the reviews before committing to the paid plan!

Forbidden Sweets Australia
11 maanden gebruiken de app
5 april 2020

App does a good job displaying testimonials. Fingers crossed for more control over how it displays in the future.

Texuh Port
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22 maart 2020

I used this app to help me get reviews for my store. Easy to use i like the display. Writing manual reviews used to be free now you have to pay for it. 4 stars because there is no option for customers to enter the reviews themselves which should be added to the paid feature. Also I wanted a feature to manually organize my reviews and there is not an option to do so.

Rural Aura
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LJ Apps heeft geantwoord 22 maart 2020

Thanks for the review! The free version allows you to enter up to 6 manual reviews. I'm also working on the review submission form. Thanks!