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Overall, my experience has been good. Easy for the customers, like the scanning the item option, and it shows up on the overlay. The main issue I continue to have is certain customers on certain live sales will comment the correct number, and never receive a facebook message to check out. The next live sale it will work for them, and not other customers. Trying to trouble shoot this problem with no solution, which has constituted in a loss of some sales. Hoping the problem gets fixed, because I do like the ease of this app.

Rochester | Real Deals
SoldLiveが返信しました 2024年3月25日

Thanks for your review.

We were unaware you had any issues (you've made 3000 live sale orders with SoldLive since you started using SoldLive in 2022)

The issue you are describing can only happen if the shopper mistyped the number. But we will investigate if you don't believe it was user error.

You can email with the URL of the comment.

To find the URL, right-click on the timestamp of the comment (not the post) And then copy/paste the URL. We'll be sure to take a look as soon as you send us the URL


I have been using SoldLive for about 18 months. There were glitches and hang ups with the system that I worked through with the developer. My frustrations with this app have occurred in the last 6 months. In exchange for positive reviews I was given access to new features such as sku claims being anywhere in the comments for my customers. We all loved the new features and became accustomed to them only for them to be taken away. When I sent a ticket to the help desk due to the sku claim feature not working I was told it was now only available on a higher priced plan. In my opinion, this was a bait and switch. At no time when new features have been rolled out in the monthly emails was it stated they were for a limited time or that they were not part of the plan I was enrolled in. I lost sales because I did not realize the feature had been taken away and customer claims were not being added to their carts. Very unprofessional to not state upfront that access was limited. I recently received another email on 4/17/23 for an upgraded feature (multiple automatic product postings per day) and asked if I would like it. I replied yes and immediately received a response and access. When I inquired if it was part of my plan or if access would be for a limited time my email went unanswered and is still unanswered to this day 12 days later. It is time for my business to move on to another platform that is a better fit.

Liv's Lovelies
SoldLiveが返信しました 2023年5月8日


We appreciate you sharing your experience with SoldLive. We always grandfather every customer on the pricing plan they signed up with.

However I can confirm that we offered you access to experimental beta features that we had to take away from you later. Some of those features turned out to be too expensive or problematic to offer to everyone, and we made the decision to only make them available on our Business or Scale plans when they came out of beta. We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration that caused you as a beta tester.

We learned a valuable lesson from working with you, which is to not offer beta features (ex simultaneous streaming to FB + IG) to our most loyal customers without explicitly stating that it may not be part of the plan you're on when the feature comes out of beta.

We no longer have any beta testing programs or support any customizations outside of our 3 standard plans because of this experience. Thank you for teaching us this lesson.

Regarding asking for reviews, we only ever asked for honest reviews on G2 or Getapp. We never incentivize for reviews on our Shopify app listing page.

Regarding your inquiry about multiple posts, we apologize for missing your email. That was around the time I was hired to take over customer support and your email may have fallen through the cracks. I respond to every email inquiry within 24-48 hours now.

Thank you again for using SoldLive for 18 months. And we wish you the best in your Paparazzi business!