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27 januari 2021

This app works well and looks slick and professional. The positioning is exactly where I want it. Support is excellent and it is very fairly priced. It works by email subscription, which is what I wanted- I am not a fan of push notifications. The reason for not giving it 5 stars is that currently the notification does not show if all the variants for a product are out of stock until you click on a variant. The developer told me he is looking to change this, so I will upgrade with 5 stars as soon as that is done.

Riviera Ready
Verenigd Koninkrijk
14 dagen gebruiken de app
Solucia Apps LLC heeft geantwoord 12 februari 2021

Thanks for your review. We have recently updated the application so that the out of stock sign up form will display properly for variants on shops using your theme. Please let us know if you have any issues.


10 januari 2022

Love this app for basic out-of-stock sign-ups. Was as simple as it gets to install and if something isn't working Matt responds by email and fixes the issue almost immediately.

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9 maanden gebruiken de app
17 januari 2022

This app saves me from tracking names and writing emails so it's super helpful. Support is fantastic - some fixes happen within minutes of writing about them!

Bonsai Tonight Online Store
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6 maanden gebruiken de app
14 januari 2021

Does what it says! Has a great easy to use interface, nothing completed at all! The notify me button can be adjusted with colours which is great! I like the fact this developer has not been greedy with their plan costs which makes it much more cost effective and a good choice which definitely helps customers when choosing apps!

Pretty Pawfect Boutique
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Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
19 augustus 2021

We love this app! It is very easy to use and their support is excellent. I have only had to contact them twice and when I did they replied extremely fast and fixed the issue very quickly. Also, I think it is very reasonably priced too compared to other back in stock apps!

The Red Wagon
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6 maanden gebruiken de app
11 november 2021

This app is so helpful for chasing sales. It is a great automated way to notify your customers when your product is back in stock. Simple and easy to use. Integrated seamlessly in my Shopify store product pages. Fantastic for a free app too, with good support from App developers if needed.

Daisy Dream Boutique
3 maanden gebruiken de app
13 september 2021

Tolle App, einfach und punktgenau. Macht genau das, was sie soll ohne komplizierte Überfunktionen. Support mit Matt ist schnell und hilfreich. Er nimmt Rücksicht auf uns EDV Nerds... ;)

der gute Heinrich
4 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 20 februari 2021

I installed this app and my theme integrated Notify for when items are back in stock was not working, I installed this app and this along with several others that were all uninstalled as none were working for me, the support team were awesome and contacted me straight away and helped me resolve the issue and its now working perfectly, so far so good!! If you want an app for to notify customers when an item is back in stock this works perfectly and if you so have any issue reach out to the friendly team and I am sure they will have you going in no time! Recommended!

5 maanden gebruiken de app
28 februari 2021

Great app, simple and dose the work without any complication. Thank you guys for the great application.

3 maanden gebruiken de app
1 maart 2021

This app is awesome! I had one small issue at the beginning with the emails going out to customers to inform them of restock, but the tech team was on top of it, and fixed it before I even knew what happened. Ever since then, no issues at all. As a matter of fact, the second time around emails went out within minutes, and the sales started pouring in! If you are a business owner and you don't have this app, you definitely need it, you'll love it!

Eva Simone' Hair Care
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