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14 marzo 2023

Very good experience with this app. Great customer support and seamless returns process.
Id recommend

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16 gennaio 2023

Great work guys. I love the auto-generated white label page to return items. Generally very good value. It builds trust with users to know they can come and return items on the page for free.

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3 gennaio 2023

I installed the app and found that the the interface was a bit difficult to navigate and when trying to contact support it took ages to get a response. I was struggling to work out how to customise the returns page and when I finaly got an answer with support, I was told customisation was not available on the free plan.

Pretty disappointed as I wanted to try this app out and see if it's the right fit for my store but when it looks so bad on my page, I didn't want customers to see it, looking so bad

Force of Life
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Sorted ha risposto 3 gennaio 2023

Hi Force of Life,

Thanks for your review and sorry to hear about your experience with the Sorted Returns app.
Due to the bank holidays, our support team were not available New Year's Day or yesterday unfortunately - our apologies about this.
I understand our team were in contact this morning to follow up on your app installation and provide an overview and discuss any questions - when checking over your return portal all appeared to be working well, but you had advised you were keen to alter the styling of your return portal which is not available on the free monthly subscription.
We do offer 14-day trials with any of our paid monthly plans so our customers can test functionality and ensure it meets their expectations before committing to payment - apologies if this has not been explained properly.

I'd be happy to follow up with a call to discuss this further and provide a quick online demo - let me know your thoughts.

All the best,
Sorted Returns

24 settembre 2022

This app doesn't restock items when processing an exchange, you still have to manually do this on the original order in Shopify. You also have to click a button to generate a new order, it's not done automatically.

Nuova Zelanda
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 18 ore
11 agosto 2022

I am really impressed so far. The app is professional looking, customizable and all automated. The app is exactly what I've been looking for to handle returns. There are still some areas that I may need help with setting up but so far is working flawlessly. The customer services have been really great in helping me getting started and with the advice they've given me. Thank you!

Luna Rossi
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3 agosto 2022

Great app for sorting out customer returns, it’s a great app to use, I highly recommend. My customers find the return portal easy to use.

Focus Man Fashion
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Sorted ha risposto 3 agosto 2022

Great to have you onboard Focus Man Fashion, and that's brilliant to hear your customers find the process easy to use. We are certain this will save you and your customers time, and guarantee they have a great return experience which keeps them coming back

Anything more we can assist with please don't hesitate to contact support within the in app chat

Sorted Support

2 agosto 2022

Great app with brilliant support, got me up and running very quickly and my customers can return very easily

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Sorted ha risposto 2 agosto 2022

Great to have you on board VoltPPE, and pleased to hear you had a positive experience. Anything we can assist with please don't hesitate to contact the team through the in app chat.

22 luglio 2022

I am highly disappointed in this app, but even more disappointed in myself for giving them a second try. When I initially signed up for the app, I specifically asked if I would be charged for unused labels if my customers changed their minds and didn't send the merchandise back. I was told no. Additionally, I was offered to upgrade to the premium plan for free if I allowed them to process my return labels. This would be a $50 monthly savings. Fast forward a few months and I was getting charged for unused labels. It was a chore to get the refund back, as I was told I would have to wait for USPS to approve the returns. Do you know how much time it takes to go through each tracking number, request the refund and then make sure to follow up 30 days later? On top of that, I realize they'd been charging me that $50 premium fee every month for 6 months!! Then I had a customer to return a jacket that was lost by the post office. They don't put any insurance on their labels so that $89 jacket was "lost in the mail." I decided to end the service after repeated emails of dissatisfaction. The owner reached out to me, assured me they would issue a refund for all of the unused labels and the monthly fee and paid me half for the jacket. The company was then bought out by Sorted and I was assigned an account manager named Ben. He and I had a zoom call and he asked me to come back to the service and assured me that the issues I'd faced before were taken care of. He even advised that they'd created a dashboard to request labels be deleted or refunded so the customer isn't charged. For some reason, I believed all of this and went back to this app, What a big, stupid mistake I made. Not even 2 months in and I'm having the same issue with the unused labels. The dashboard to request labels be deleted or refunded doesn't work, so you still have to email support with the tracking numbers and request the refund. Then they tell you that you have to wait for USPS to get back with them regarding the refund. Currently I have about 14 labels I'm waiting on a refund for at $7.50 each. Now I'll have to keep checking to make sure I get the refund. Meanwhile, I'm now with ReturnGo. They have a partnership with EasyPost and I'm able to pass the label cost on to the customer right away and not have to worry about this unused label refund foolishness. If you're trying to run your business and don't want the hassle that this app brings, stay away. I will not recommend this app at all.

It's the Curves for Me
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Sorted ha risposto 25 luglio 2022

We are very sorry for this experience, and I can assure you that you will be refunded in full for any unused labels along with any promotional credit for the premium service charge. We have been experiencing delays with USPS label refunds for lately which has in turn delayed our speed of refund to US clients, but will be moving to a charge after delivery model to prevent any need for you to chase refunds on unused labels moving forwards. The delay in refund you have seen has been escalated, and the team will be in contact to resolve this in full for you. There will be a full internal review to prevent this happening again.

Sorted Support

20 giugno 2022

great service, even better client support team, was able to get on a call with their team in minutes to help with some questions i had - thanks jodie!

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Sorted ha risposto 20 giugno 2022

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it and it was my pleasure!

Have a great day!

14 maggio 2022

I'm looking for an app that will ultimately save me time and I don't believe this will do that. There aren't enough email options (e.g. a separate automated email for an exchange vs a return) and so when I tested the app as a pretend customer I was left in the lurch not knowing if my exchange request had been acknowledged/ would be sent out to me. This won't save me time as I'd still have to communicate with the customer separately. It also looks a little clunky.

Pretty Pickled
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Sorted ha risposto 16 maggio 2022


Hope you're well and thanks for the review.
We do have email templates available within the app that you can send out to a customer at any time, you can also free type these emails but we suggest having templates pre-made ready to go to save you time.
I feel that a demo with our team will help resolve and clear up the issues above.
Please reach out so we can assist.

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