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2 marzo 2021

We have recently added Clicksit to our store to provide a much better experience to our customers. Free returns gives our potential buyers piece of mind when investing in our products. From our side, Clicksit is easily setup and functions great. Constructive criticism would be that return delivery times are long and that the cost per return is rather high. Hopefully both things can be improved in the near future.

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26 febbraio 2021

Easy process to set-up and customise - only using basic/standard for now. Great support/aftercare service. Just a little clarity needed on payment for using the app/service - but not a real issue.

I Don’t Drink Much
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16 febbraio 2021

muy buena app para optimizar el proceso de las garantias, le hace falta mejorar su hoja de trabajo, para que muestre todo en una sola ventana. info de clientes, orden y estado de la garantia
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27 gennaio 2021

I wasn't sure initially if this was the right app for me. I found getting in touch with the team really helpful to understand what the app would offer. For example whilst its only focussed on UK returns it has made that part of the business easier for us. I'd love to see it expand to other geographies. I found setting up the returns process fairly easy too and it was great to get on the phone guidance. Here's what I'd like to see in the future:
Partnering with carriers in Europe and worldwide. For where we are as small business it works for us.

A to Z Leather
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Data modifica: 6 novembre 2020

Yes very good to use and is free for me as I am outside of the UK. They don't provide the address labels.I just configure the settings so the customers send a return back to my address as the suppliers don't receive returns

Beauty Store For You
Nuova Zelanda
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31 ottobre 2020

Simpler and easier to use than other return centers, but some functions need to be improved,service response is very fast

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16 settembre 2020

Great value for money and makes website feel very professional. Works very well the majority of the time. Small bugs need to be fixed in order for it to be perfect.

Oliver Co. London
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15 settembre 2020

Solves the exchange process making it customer friendly. Amazing app. Would be more great if you could include more customisations.

Polago Clothing
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14 agosto 2020

good app, but does not have a spanish version, but still helps a lot. Been using it for a while.

La Relojerí
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Sorted ha risposto 21 agosto 2020

HI There,

I'm delighted to say that the app can now be translated within the customise section.


3 giugno 2020

Really good app that brings our returns process together all in one place including issuing returns labels directly to the customer. Easy to see where returns are up to in the dashboard.

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