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18 agosto 2020

I have not had the app long, but when requesting returns labels it is effective for the customer to put there details. The are some things that can be improved.

1. It would be great if in the preferences you can put different return deadlines for UK and International returns. As international returns is longer time. Doesn't give you the option.

2. It would work better if when a customer request a return a email was sent to us. Without going into the app, you do not know if a customer has requested a return.

3. Once approved a return and a label is generated, it would be more helpful if this is sent straight to the customer. As this currently is available for me to download but only to send to the customer, which does take up time.

4. Do you do internatonal returns? If so how much are these and how does it work?

5. What about if a customer wants to exchange an item, that means we have to pay for the return and the re deliver?

Topaz Boutique Swim
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Clicksit App Limited ha risposto 18 agosto 2020

Thank you for the review and the detail provided. The majority of the issues raised here are already covered by the apps functionality, so please feel free to get in touch with our support team and we will be happy to provide a demo. They can be reached with the in app chat, or on

Data modifica: 23 agosto 2020

As of right now my store is not currently live but i downloaded the ClickSit app to help my business which i definitely believe it will do from other reviews that i have seen. I will make sure I do another review to let you know how well its going.

That's wifey
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20 marzo 2020

appena installata, non so come andrà, per il momento tutto ok ------------------------------------------------------

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14 maggio 2022

I'm looking for an app that will ultimately save me time and I don't believe this will do that. There aren't enough email options (e.g. a separate automated email for an exchange vs a return) and so when I tested the app as a pretend customer I was left in the lurch not knowing if my exchange request had been acknowledged/ would be sent out to me. This won't save me time as I'd still have to communicate with the customer separately. It also looks a little clunky.

Pretty Pickled
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Clicksit App Limited ha risposto 16 maggio 2022


Hope you're well and thanks for the review.
We do have email templates available within the app that you can send out to a customer at any time, you can also free type these emails but we suggest having templates pre-made ready to go to save you time.
I feel that a demo with our team will help resolve and clear up the issues above.
Please reach out so we can assist.

Clicksit Support

24 settembre 2022

This app doesn't restock items when processing an exchange, you still have to manually do this on the original order in Shopify. You also have to click a button to generate a new order, it's not done automatically.

Nuova Zelanda
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Clicksit App Limited ha risposto 13 giugno 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave your review and feedback,

We will pass this on to our Product Development team, for consideration in the roadmap for future improvements to the app.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sorted Support via our chat, if you have any issues or concerns you require help with in the future.

All the best
Sorted Returns

3 agosto 2021

Wasn't suitable for my business purposes. However, I'm quite alarmed about the amount of communications made in the short span it was installed, which is incredibly excessive and worrying. I received 5 emails and 1 phone call in the span of 20 minutes.

DiceRoll UK
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