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1 juni 2023

We tried them all.. SparkLayer is the best B2B app out there for Shopify and their support has been consistent and efficient. From the initial call to installation, onboarding and technical implementation; they have been there every step of the way. Really a pro app for pros.

SparkLayer understands the wholesale business model very well and it shows in every little detail in their app. For example: The app allows B2B accounts to have sub-accounts, which is a feature that solves a lot of internal issues for many B2B businesses.

The app installs as a sales channel and offers a lot of features for websites looking to serve different pricing and check out experience for their B2B customers. It can get technical, but worth every minute spent customizing it to your business needs.

You can upload CSV prices for different customer groups or have the app automatically change the B2B pricing based on your own discount formulas.

You can also expand its implementation by using additional metafields, such as override discounts per account, credit lines and balances. In addition, their API is very well documented should you decide to take the customizations further.

You can assign different price lists, payment methods and custom shipping profiles to certain customer groups.

B2B customers can load their own CSV orders into the cart with a simple SKU and QTY columns. They can also re-order with a click of a button and save shopping lists.

They also have a road map so you know what features are being added next.

Thank you very much to the SparkLayer team and looking forward to future updates. You guys rock! Keep up the good work.

Finesse Decor
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SparkLayer heeft geantwoord 15 juli 2023

Thank you so much for you review, we're glad we've been able to help your B2B business!

1 september 2023

Amazing app, amazing support. This app has made our b2b business stable, fast and beautiful. There are so many great features of this app, it is hard to pick a few but here goes. Custom pricing per customer group works smoothly and the csv uploads are a very efficient way to do this. Agents ordering allows our agents to place orders on our customer's behalf (usually when they email an order).

If you are looking for a b2b wholesale solution for your business TRY THIS APP FIRST. I have tried almost every b2b app in the app store and nothing was like this app. Well done guys :)

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17 augustus 2023

10 out of 5 stars! BEYOND industry stander customer service.
I can't speak highly enough about all the amazing options we have ahead of us thanks to SparkLayer!

As a growing B2B, we were in search of a simple solution to meet our daily B2B needs. SparkLayer and the team over there came to the rescue! We have easily been able to start a functional B2B site using all the help, tips and tricks, and customer service chat sparklayer has to offer. Not only do they fulfill almost 98% of our needs for B2B customization, but they point you directly to the 2% to make sure you are working at a fully functional 100%! Did I mention that all of this amazing service has been offered WHILE WE ARE STILL IN THE FREE TRIAL PERIOD. Talk about customer driven mentality. SparkLayer will take my business into the future. I suggest you give the free trial period a go, you wont regret it.

My Store
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SparkLayer heeft geantwoord 19 augustus 2023

Thank you so much for the review! 😊

Bewerkt 16 november 2022

Before finding SparkLayer, I went through almost all the other apps with B2B solutions, but they were either lacking features or the backend was too complicated. I am glad to have discovered this app because not only does it cover all the features we need for our store, it also has a great backend for setup and settings. To top it off, the customer service is top-notch as they helped me out very quickly several times during the setup process. I am happy to make a recommendation – thanks to the whole team, from devs to support staff! Edit: I almost forgot about the extensive help guide library, which is unlike anything I've seen on a Shopify app before. And if you can't figure out how to do something despite this, there's always support waiting to help you. But I'm repeating myself... In a nutshell: This app is amazing. :)

DK medical
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SparkLayer heeft geantwoord 11 december 2022

Thank you very much for you review! We're constantly improving our help guides and support, it's great to have such positive feedback 😊

7 september 2023

This App is a game changer for any business' selling B2B. Stop wasting your time with other apps or building a separate wholesale website (the mistake I made). After just an hour or so of use, this app become very easy to navigate and understand. I read through all their onboarding docs and really appreciate how the Sparklayer team has thought about any issues you might run into and provided helpful solutions. I reached out to Alex because I had a few additional questions and he was beyond helpful and also made some strategic recommendations as to how I could maximize the features of the platform.

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SparkLayer heeft geantwoord 8 september 2023

Thank you so much for the kind review 😊

Bewerkt 13 februari 2023

Great app that makes a very professional appearance for a B2B shop - although the cost is very high! I also find it difficult because there is a lot of work to be done on the code and you are always dependent on the support of Spark Layer if you cannot do it by yourself. The support is great, and they guys always helped me immediately. To be honest, a good support is my expectation at this monthly price. We are still at the beginning and testing the app. Overall, it’s by far the best and most professional app for a B2B shop.

P21 Club
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13 juli 2023

After a long time searching and testing, I have no doubt that if you want to make the leap to B2B, this application is the one you need, without having to resort to external IT for code changes and with all the facilities the support team helped me with. at all times without waiting, it is appreciated when people work well and give their best version. I definitely recommend the app to anyone who wants to do B2B.

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SparkLayer heeft geantwoord 15 juli 2023

😊Thank you! We really appreciate your feedback and best of luck with your B2B growth!

14 augustus 2023

The best of the best of Shopify apps. Coming from a computer science background, you can just tell that this app is made to a high professional standard. Everything is very well thought out architecturally, and the design is just excellent. What is most impressive, however, is the quality of support. The team is incredibly fast in responding to any requests, often completing tasks that require custom coding within hours.

Dendo Systems
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SparkLayer heeft geantwoord 19 augustus 2023

Thank you for the kind review, it means a lot 😊

22 augustus 2023

Its so refreshing to find a B2B software that’s focused on Wholesale User Experience.

A massive thanks to their support team. Chris & Cameron were always available and helping us tune and fix every little glitch and some customization we were not able to do.

We were with Tradegecko for almost a decade before Quickbooks purchased them and subsequently canceled the product this year.

Its been months of testing full service ERM systems with B2B showrooms. But we were surprised to not find any that felt like an upgrade or that even met our basic needs.

Sparklayer has been upgrading their features periodically and we are so excited to see everything that will come next and to keep growing with their community!

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Bewerkt 16 juni 2023

I recently had the pleasure of start using the SparkLayer B2B app for my Shopify store, and I must say, the customer support truly exceeded my expectations. I was blown away by the speed and professionalism of the service provided. The developer team installed the app within a day, and they were readily available to address all of my questions and concerns.

What impressed me even more was the extensive and well-written documentation provided. It made the setup process a breeze and allowed me to fully understand the app's functionalities. The user experience is exceptional, with a sleek and sharp design that is aesthetically pleasing. The front end of the app is well-thought-out and user-friendly.

Not only did the app itself surpass my expectations, but the customer support team also went above and beyond to assist me with customizing the code. Their responsiveness and clear communication made the entire process seamless and efficient.

In my experience, this app is undoubtedly the best B2B app I have come across. The level of support and the quality of the product are unparalleled. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch solution for their Shopify store.

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