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23 settembre 2022

So far, this app is very basic. I have two big problems. The first problem is that I have the ability to configure add-ons on each product or collection, which adding them within each collection speeds up the configuration process for us tremendously. However, I can only configure a discount for add-ons added only on individual products, not collections. The second problem is there is no way to see how this app performs or what revenue is attributed to the efforts of this app. Some apps will show attributed revenue in Shopify sales channels reports while others might show reporting within their app. This app does neither. I'd be happy to change my review if these features are implemented. Until then, it's not worth the money we pay for this.

Wildlife Tree
Stati Uniti
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Spice Gems ha risposto 14 ottobre 2022


The app is under constant development and new features are released frequently.

Thanks for your feedback.

12 marzo 2021

The app worked great for the first month. Then I asked for help on some issue on my website that this app was making not work and they fixed that but their app stopped working. Now I have ask for help and it has been 10 days without an answer. I loved it so much that is why I waited with the app not working for so long, but after 10 days without answer I have decided today to unninstall it. If you need this the app works great but if you need some help be careful with the customer service.

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