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Update: Support contacted me offering to fix the issues, and they claim to be working to make their app more robust. I’m not reinstalling just to check at this point, but it’s good to know that they try to help and improve. My impressions about the app remain the same, but since I was on a free trial and I decided not to give it a second chance, I‘ve updated the star rating based on the willingness of their support service.
I'm sorry to be the one to give a poor review, but the app just didn't perform well after the installation on my store (using the theme Modular)

First, for some strange reason, the square for the image of the addon product was not centered and only half of the image was showing.

Another problem was that when I selected the addon and added both products to the cart, the quantity of parent product was doubled! That could have led to very angry customers if I wouldn't have noticed.

Also, my theme is using an "add to cart" functionality that doesn't leave the product page, but with this widget installed, it stopped working even for products without addons, going straight to the cart page.

I immediately contacted support but it's Sunday so I understand they couldn't get back to me soon. I found another app at a very similar price which worked perfectly from the start, so I decided to simply uninstall this one.

This app looked promising, but it's buggy. The installation instructions were a bit confusing too. Hopefully the developers can fix it and improve it in the future, but for now, I can't recommend it.

BTW, there are no instructions provided for those nice style settings from the media gallery screenshots.

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Spice Gemsが返信しました 2020年2月10日

Hello Jessica,

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. 

I checked our help desk. We received your query at 7:45 AM IST (on a Sunday) and by 1 PM IST you had already posted a 1 star review.

The issues that you have mentioned can sometimes occur due to theme css and js conflict. We would have fixed it in 24-48 working hours.  

A lot of our customers have Ajax cart functionality and our app works perfectly on their stores. 

In case you decide to install the app back again in future, feel free to contact us and we will fix these issues for you. 

I am happy that you found an app which works for you. I wish you luck and success with your venture.

Co-Founder, SpiceGems