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Spin Studio ‑ Spinning Images

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360 spinning images, animation for the products

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Showcase your product

360 spinning image is a best way to show your product to your customers

Increase conversions

With 360 view animations your customers will know what exactly your product is, to create a trust

Simple setup

Add 360 image to any of your product with our simple UI

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What's new

  • Feb 2021.

    • Added support of 3D models
    • Fancy 360 view icons for thumbnails in your product gallery
    • Improved UI for better usability
  • Jan 2021.

    • 360 images could be added to the product gallery automatically now, no theme modification required.

360 images for the products of your online store that you can spin around with a mouse or finger on the screen of your device.

Build trust and increase revenue

No more complaints about one-sided presentation, not even a slightest doubt regarding the quality of your product - let it shine in each and every detail. Interactive animation is the next best thing to touching the product with one's own hands.

View store items from any angle

SpinStudio introduces 3D spinning images to your online store at Shopify. Instead of looking at the plain images of products, your customers can interactively examine the goods from any angle. You are in full control over the image details.

Easy to setup

SpinStudio needs just a few clicks for a basic setup and can be customized to suit the theme of your shop.

After you have installed SpinStudio, you can create one animated spinning image free of charge. This way you can try SpinStudio for your live shop and see if it works for you before you decide to move on to a paid plan.


  1. Install Spin Studio to your Shopify store. You are not charged if you use only one 3D image.
  2. Make photos of the product for the animation
  3. Upload the photos to SpinStudio, adjust spinning image settings, if necessary.
  4. Enjoy the product animation at your storefront.

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  • Spinning image for one single product



  • Spinning images for up to 10 products



  • Spinning images for up to 25 products



  • Spinning images for up to 100 products

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Perfect Princess Beds

Excellent support solved my issue in a couple of emails!
Would not hesitate to use again on our other stores.

Penta Gothic

Great app does exactly what is says it does and at a great price. The support team are also amazing, I had an issue adding the code to my site and within 48 hours they'd jumped on and added it for me.


I love the customer service! Its A++++++++. I was having problems with having my products not spinning and they were able to do it for me with no problems. It makes my website looks great! It stands out from the crowd