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25 augustus 2023

DO NOT USE! did a split credit card payment, and money was not deposited into our account in shopify. "Customer service" useless.

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4 maanden gebruiken de app
SpurIT UAB heeft geantwoord 2 oktober 2023

Thanks for your feedback and sorry you had a bad experience. We are looking into this issue and hope to resolve it promptly and accurately. Our team contacted you via email, please drop us a line at your convenience.

7 oktober 2018

I installed this app but the SPLIT PAYMENT button is not showing up in the desired position i want it to show. it seems like not working at all...!!! what should i do?

Scents & Fashion
13 dagen gebruiken de app
20 augustus 2020

I have sent several emails to support and have not received a response. If anybody from the developer sees this please reply to me at for site!!!

Casey Withers
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3 dagen gebruiken de app
SpurIT UAB heeft geantwoord 21 augustus 2020

Thanks for your feedback and sorry that you've faced such difficulties and inconvenience. We've contacted you via email in order to help and believe that all the issues will be resolved soon :)

2 juni 2021

Download to use for a customer for a very large order. It put each partial order invoice through and cancelled them and created one final invoice but with shopify the amount shows as a double sale so my account and books will be completely off. I do not like this at all.

Crafty Vinyl Boutique
Ongeveer 4 uur gebruiken de app
SpurIT UAB heeft geantwoord 3 juni 2021

Thanks for your feedback. We tried to contact you via email in order to discuss this case but didn't receive a response yet. Please drop us a line at your convenience.
Hope to hear from you soon!

12 juni 2018

All it did was split the order. I could do that manually. This app did not perform as expected and certainly isn’t worth an extra monthly charge.

Icm Equipment North America
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Ongeveer 2 uur gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 8 december 2018

This app will NOT work to split the cost for customers that want to use two credit cards or one credit card and Paypal. The reason it won't work is that it splits the total cost that is in the cart, BEFORE shipping or taxes are added to the total. For instance, if your customer has $200 worth of merchandise in their cart, this app will split that for them and lets them choose how much to put on each card. But then let's say that shipping is $10 and tax is $14. That makes the final total $224. The additional $24 is not included in the split and therefore not collected. I've tried to explain this to them but they don't get it. I don't understand all the reviews that love this app unless these store owners aren't charging shipping or taxes to their customers. Nice concept, but worthless.

Dead Fly Zone
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23 minuten gebruiken de app
15 januari 2020

This is only 5 days free trial not 7 days as it states in the app store.
If even this can't be accurate, how will the app work properly? Big red flag!

HUNT Country Furniture
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15 minuten gebruiken de app
SpurIT UAB heeft geantwoord 16 januari 2020

Thanks for your feedback! We've sent you an email message in order to discuss the situation. Please contact us at your convenience. Hope to hear from you soon!