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29 giugno 2022

There is a glitch when you tap the clock in tile on Shopify POS it logs in to the admin/owners Shopify dashboard with full owner permission to edit everything like staff permissions, see all sales activity, etc just by tapping alone it is the most dangerous security breach I contacted them they are aware of this issue.

Trinidad e Tobago
Circa un anno di utilizzo dell’app
EasyTeam ha risposto 29 giugno 2022

Hey there,
You have experienced a glitch in the Shopify POS itself, not in the app. If you would like, we can assist you in any way we can, but we recommend speaking with Shopify directly to have it fixed for you.

Data modifica: 30 dicembre 2022

I'm still exploring the app and all the functions. Several days in. The response to my questions was amazing! Hannah was super helpful and thorough answering my questions. The app is easy to maneuver.

UPDATE: First customer service was amazing. However, customer service has fallen off to nearly nothing. Changes to app have made it difficult to maintain and make changes to scheduling; employees have had a hard time consistently accessing
scheduling. Currently looking for a better, more consistent app. This one is not going to work for us. Very disappointing.

Two Girls Treasure
Stati Uniti
8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
EasyTeam ha risposto 21 maggio 2022

Hey there,
Harel is here, the CEO of EasyTeam. I'd like to invite you to try the existing platform. Over the years, EasyTeam has experienced tremendous growth and has established itself as the premier staff management solution for Shopify, supporting tens of thousands of users daily.

Our onboarding team would be happy to provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough of our platform, ensuring a seamless setup process from start to finish.

I am confident that EasyTeam will add significant value to your business, streamlining both in-store operations and back-office tasks, ultimately saving you a considerable amount of time.

Should you be interested in a new demonstration, please schedule a session at your convenience using the following link:

I look forward to the opportunity to connect and demonstrate how EasyTeam can transform your business operations, and looking forward to hearing from you back!