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3 novembre 2023

Worst app on shopify - pay so much for it every month, continuous problems - that Im stuck with until someone makes another app that I can use for both NZPost & DHL, think Ill have to switch couriers because working with Starshipit is doing my head in. There is no chat support, help desk takes over 24 hours to respond, never answer problems just send you to videos all the time. I have no idea how this app wins awards. If anyone can suggest a better alternative for NZ - please tell me, I have over 700 orders waiting for a starshipit problem to be fixed so I can fill them.

Tuhi Stationery Ltd
Nuova Zelanda
Circa 5 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Starshipit ha risposto 19 novembre 2023

Hi Tuhi Stationary! It's been good to work with you on a resolution to the shipping emails and printing, having you back at getting orders out the door. If you ever need further assistance, or want help adding shipping margins for NZ Post, feel free to reach out to
Warmest regards,
The Starshipit Support Team

7 settembre 2023

I have been using Starshipit for the last 3 years now and I am finally ready to move to a different company once my billing cycle ends.

I never leave any reviews unless it's positive but this company genuinely needs some feedback so they can improve their system.

I always had small issues here and there with their system going down a few times and they weren't major so I continued using their service. However, in the last week, I had way too many big issues - like, the system duplicating all my orders when I tried to print labels and manifest a bunch of orders without me doing it. My orders have been affected and it took them so long to actually respond to me. Not to mention the first 3 emails were their lazy copy-and-paste standard resolution that just wasted hours of my time. I find it very unprofessional and rude that they sent me three emails of copy and past resolution when I emailed them their resolution didn't work. It affected my business and no one actually cared enough to look into the issue and resolve it while I kept chasing them up to escalate. In the end, I had to find a way on my own to print labels and manifest via Shopify, not via Starshipit app.

I have been trying to ask to speak to someone as I called their customer service number that was shown on their website at least 10+ times and no one got back to me. Not to mention, they are now ignoring my emails requesting to speak with someone.

I'm so disappointed that I have invested in working with this company for the last three years and this is how they treat their customers. I really hope this review can give them some sort of feedback for improvement.

Kameli Boutique
Oltre 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Starshipit ha risposto 14 settembre 2023

Hi team Kameli! We've clearly missed the mark and wouldn't want to leave it at this. We’ve been trying to reach out to you directly in a couple of ways but had no luck so far, and would really like the opportunity to resolve your concerns. Please book a meeting with us over the calendar link we've shared. Again, we appreciate the feedback and hope to hear from you soon.

8 novembre 2023

The customer service is fantastic, and the app really does do it all

3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
6 settembre 2023

We have tried and tested sooooo many shipping integrations! What can we say, STARSHIPIT has resolved all of our issues and their support has been fantastic. Highly recommend to anyone that wants to SAVE HOURS AND HOURS OF TIME!!

My Stubby
9 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Starshipit ha risposto 12 settembre 2023

Thanks for the review! We're sooo happy to hear its saving hours of time for you! Hopefully you'll be able to put that time to good use!

19 luglio 2023

We have started to work with Starshipit only a few weeks ago and it's been an excellent experience so far. The basic features required for our small business are very intuitive and made the Australian Post integration to our store an easy process.
The customer service experience has also been outstanding, our dedicated account manager Holly being extremely helpful and supportive from the start. Thanks Team!

4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Starshipit ha risposto 3 settembre 2023

Thanks so much for your review and kind words about Holly. We're thrilled you've found it an excellent experience even though you're only a short time in.

17 settembre 2023

Starshipit has saved us so much time, and has significantly reduced delivery errors. Highly recommend!

Hunter Scrubs
Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
Starshipit ha risposto 19 settembre 2023

Appreciate the review team! To hear of the reduced delivery errors is like music to our hears! Thanks again!

1 agosto 2023

So happy I made the switch from Shipstation to Starshipit. It is 100% better in every way. User experience, speed, customer support, set up. It's still early days but so far so good. All 10/10 thank you! I do wish it was a little more synced automatically with Shopify orders in live time with new orders and fulfilment. But it isn't a worry compared to the positives

Lolli Wraps
28 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Starshipit ha risposto 3 settembre 2023

Thanks so much for your review! We're so glad you've enjoyed working with us and our team! For more synced information with Shopify, you could use our Shopify enhanced integration for real time updates on unfulfilled orders. Reach out to our team on for more information.

6 giugno 2023

Moving over to Starshipit has been a very seamless experience. Elyza has been amazing at answering all questions and assisting in creating the smoothest shipping processes for our business.

Esmio Australia
Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Starshipit ha risposto 19 giugno 2023

Thanks for your feedback! Great to hear that the move has been seamless and smooth. We have shared your kind words with Elyza.

5 marzo 2023

The app is creating a lot of manual work on our end due to an important "write back" feature no longer working reliably. Instead of addressing this problem and creating a workaround or developing a solution - their customer service continues to provide me with the same lame answer for several weeks now. First they failed to inform their paying customers that newly implemented limitations by Shopify might cause their software to no longer perform the way it used. This in itself is pretty terrible customer experience. Second they are not interested in working on a solution but keep sending me a copy & paste template advising of all the steps I now need to undertake on my end to fix this issue. Seriously?

Petz Park
Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Starshipit ha risposto 11 luglio 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We apologise for any inconvenience. Our customer support team has been notified and are following up with you regarding this matter. Our team are actively working on finding a reliable workaround. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

16 marzo 2023

Starshipit has made our shipping processes so much quicker and easier! We couldn't recommend it enough. We've had no issues with the platform, and the customer service team are quick to respond and super helpful :)

Fling Cocktails
Nuova Zelanda
5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Starshipit ha risposto 21 marzo 2023

Thanks for taking the time to post feedback! We are glad to hear the team have been helpful and quick to respond :)