Waze/Google Maps Store Locator

Waze/Google Maps Store Locator

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Offer curbside pickup: Start a navigation via Waze/Google Maps

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Sell Both Online and In-Store

Increase your sales by offering users the possibility to physically come to your store and buy or pick up their ordered goods

Show Customers The Way

Add your store a sticky icon or footer which will start navigation to your store's physical address with Waze or Google Maps!

No Code Is Needed

No code is needed to install and activate the app. The sticky icon or footer will magically appear immediately after installation

有關 Waze/Google Maps Store Locator

Does your store have a physical address? If so - this app will be great for you! This app adds a sticky icon or footer to the bottom of your store. When clicked, a navigation app of your choice will be launched, pointing to your store's physical address

Increase Online & In-Store Sales

Drive customers to your physical store by adding a sticky icon or footer to your online store. When customers will click on it, a navigation app (Waze or Google Maps) will be launched and start navigation to your store's physical address.

Fully Customizable

You can select which navigation app will be used - Waze or Google Maps; where the app will work: in the entire store or just in the homepage; on which devices the app will work: just for mobile devices or for every device; add custom text and more!

One Click Installation and Universal Support

No code is required to show the sticky icon or footer in your store. The app supports all kinds of stores and all Shopify themes.

Main Features

  • Adds a sticky icon or footer that opens a navigation app directing to your store's address in just one click!
  • Fully customize the icon's text and position or the footer's text, color and transparency
  • Choose if the icon/footer will be shown in the entire store or just in the homepage
  • Choose if the icon/footer will be shown only to mobile devices or for every device
  • Super easy to use and modify

Need Help? Want To Request A Feature?

Click the 'Get Support' button at the top of this listing to send us an email. Our average response time is just a few hours! :-)

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5.0 5 顆星


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Satellite Studio

Very nice app, user-friendly and easy to install. Implemented it a few weeks ago and it's working great.

Filmgear Canada

Best location app out there. Does the work without any unnecessary gimmick. The best feature is to always show the navigation button in the footer.

A piece of Morocco

Great app, do everything that we requiers.
I had some problem in the beginning when the address showed the wrong place. But the support help me direcly, within 48 hours the problem was solved. Big thanx :D