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Stock & Inventory automation that works.

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Auto hide Sold out Products

This app enables automation to hide Out of Stock Products, redirects them to Store Home and republish as soon as product is back in stock.

Automated Reports

App will generate Daily/weekly Excel & CSV report. Available to download from dashboard and sent in email.

Realtime Dashboard

App adds a Beautiful Realtime Dashboard with search to list all Out of Stock Products with inventory count, last updated date.

Su StockBot

Automate stock and inventory management.

We all know that an e-commerce site full of sold-out products is a terrible customer experience. But cleaning up out-of-stock products is a hassle, especially when your store has a large selection of merchandise or you sell unique items that are unlikely to come back in-stock.

Stock & Inventory Management is a simple and effective app that automatically hides or removes sold-out products in your shop. Stock & Inventory Management saves you the frustration of hours of manually removing out-of-stock products and keeps your customers happy by preventing them from seeing pages of products they can't buy.

How does it work?

Stock & Inventory Management works in the background by monitoring your product inventory. When product sells out, Stock & Inventory Management will automatically hide the product.

What happens if you get more inventory?

We have easy to manage settings where you can tell Stock & Inventory Management to automatically show products when they come back in stock.

Installation takes just a couple of minutes and doesn't require coding!


  1. Automatically hides sold out products in your shop.
  2. Automatically show products when they come back in-stock.
  3. Realtime Dashboard/ Search for Out of Stock products.
  4. Redirect sold out products to homepage.
  5. Email notification of sold out out products.
  6. Automated Email Daily/ Weekly Excel, CSV Reports.
  7. Easy installation - no coding required!
  8. Pause App anytime.

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Basic plan


  • Dashboard with list of out of stock products which syncs every 6 hours.



  • Product Automation
  • Automatically hides sold out products
  • Realtime Dashboard Search
  • Daily-Weekly Reports
  • Excel-CSV Formats
  • Easy settings

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