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Data modifica: 19 marzo 2021

They reached out and offered an extended trial and help to setup. I had already found a better solution. I hope they shift to provide the service they offered after my initial 1* review but I'm increasing for the follow-up effort.
1st review below............
After first update that stalled at 66% for over an hour until I aborted to find that 2 DAYS later it updated my store from the out of date file. Support confirmed that it took 2 days but shouldn't take that long again. The only setup support they offered was a link to the knowledgebase. My update was only 4 simple fields and I never got the update to work correctly. This product and lack of prompt helpful support make it unusable.

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SyncX ha risposto 11 marzo 2021

We are sorry that the bad experience that you had. The feed process got stuck halfway that causing it to seem took 2 days to complete. We like to affirm that this rarely happens. We understand this store updated over 35k SKUs on a free trial plan which usually took just a few hours (for initial update). Stores with bigger SKUs have a higher chance to get stuck but are very rare. We hope that you would reach us again to give us another chance.

19 febbraio 2021

It's too bad that scheduled feed updates are so limited.
I plan on using a feed from a supplier, that has many stock updates during the day. They provide a feed that updates every half an hour, but I can only update every 4 hours, and that is only when using the biggest plan for this app. What can be done about this?

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SyncX ha risposto 19 febbraio 2021

Hi there,

We want to apologize for the bad experience.

However, we would like to enlighten you that Stock Sync will schedule the updates to every one 1-hour by subscribing to a customized plan. To do so, we will adjust the variant limits, and the number of update feeds of existing plans.

Do provide us the total variants in-store and the amount of update feeds you would like to have, and we will advise on the best plan to subscribe to. We will also include the hourly updates in the plan.

Kind regards,
Stock Sync team