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Back down to 1 star. Keeps wasting my credits and importing products previously imported before

Black Diamond Label
SyncXが返信しました 2024年1月14日

Dear Black Diamond Label,

We apologize for the frustration caused by the credit and product import issues you encountered. Your feedback is crucial, and we're committed to resolving this swiftly.

To address the problem, we kindly ask for more details on affected transactions and products.

Your patience is appreciated, and we value your input. For further assistance, please contact our customer support at

Thank you for your understanding.

Stock Sync team


The worst Sync app ever! We have been trying to reach them for last 2 weeks even complained them to Shopify. But still no one replied yet. We need to stop subs and get a refund for last two months. As the app stopped working and no one helped at all. I do NOT recommended anyone who need to regular Inventory Sync. Unprofessional, Unresponsive and You cannot make a business plan with these guys.

SyncXが返信しました 2023年9月19日

We're truly sorry 😞 to hear about your negative experience. Upon reviewing your ticket, we can confirm that we responded promptly on the same day. However, it appears that we haven't received any follow-up from you.

To ensure we're addressing your concerns effectively, could you please verify that your messages were sent to the correct email address?

Please note that our responses are typically sent within 24 hours, and if we do not receive a reply within 7 days, the ticket will be marked as resolved.

We take your feedback seriously and will investigate the issue immediately. Our team will reach out to you to resolve your concerns.

We're sorry things didn't go as expected. We're here to make things right for you. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 🙏

Stock Sync Team


12/03/2022. Back into the dog house, you go! David Foster
The Abbey The Abbey Since starting with these folks over a year ago, I can say they have come a long way. Their systems are working better after every update and can say they are working hard to elevate their App.
As you can see we started on a rocky road and have been able to over come the challenges. Great job team, keep moving forward. I have tried to respond to the app developer. They ask question no action, I respond in a professional manner with detail, no action. To say I am getting quite upset with this lack of service or even some dialog would be an understatement.
Retired PMP .

The Abbey Collection

Not Very Reliable - Paid extra to have hourly updates and nothing is updating over 24hrs still nothing - contacted support no reply from them

Shane Todd Gifts Uk

I've been using Stock Sync for 3 years and up until 6 months ago was happy with them. I have no idea what's going on on their end but my products when added have no images and no one knows how to solve the issue, I've had multiple images of the same image upload onto my website and no one knows why even after playing around and adding new feeds the issues weren't solved. I've been told by Stocksync that there are no product images in the feed and this is why I'm not getting the images in, however this is incorrect. Now I find almost 4,000 products have been added into my store, so I've got double of the one product. I've managed to undo this however that's not the point, and is it going to happen again. I've even had my own tech guy look at these issues. Currently looking for another app to do the job, I can't keep doing this and no one can fix the issues. Used to highly recommend this app.

Sex Toys Erotica Adult Shop

We have been using this Shopify app for over 5 years across various stores, and I can confidently say that the quality of their customer service has significantly declined over time. While the support team has been helpful with stock synchronization and the app worked well for our other websites, we have been facing consistent challenges with this particular website for nearly 2 years. The inventory is not properly synchronized, updates are not reflected accurately, and we constantly receive orders for items that are out of stock. Despite reaching out to the support team multiple times, our problem remains unresolved. To make matters worse, we have been informed that they only provide support if we pay an additional fee. However, we are already paying them every month, and they are failing to deliver the service we expect. And their prices significantly increased over the years. This situation is quite frustrating and raises questions about the purpose of our ongoing payment.

Gifts and Baskets
SyncXが返信しました 2023年5月31日

Dear Gifts and Baskets,

We apologize for the issue you're experiencing.

We haven't received any emails from you recently. Can you please double-check that you sent them to the correct address?

Furthermore, we don't charge any additional fees for our support.

If you have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at for assistance.


This app spam asks me for a rating every time I log in, so here's a rating. Will you leave me alone now please.


OVER HALF OUR PRODUCTS DELETED - 1WK BEFORE BLACK FRIDAY & LEADING UP TO XMAS!!! Very disappointed with Stock Sync. I needed to tweek the add products feed, but this caused more than half our products to disappear - some deleted, despite the add feed apparently not deleting products already in your store already!!! products were re-imported, but all titles, descriptions, images, tags deleted/over ridden - we spent months optimising all our products for SEO - now all gone!!!!! response from Jor/Raj - which takes up to 24hrs is very blase - they do not seem to be bothered that our store now only has 95 products, when we had over 230 optimised products! AVOID!

Bouji Lingerie
SyncXが返信しました 2020年11月24日

We are sorry for the bad experience. From the logs, we don't see any trace of deletion or update of title, description, and tags. We hope that we can share one of the SKU so we have a closer look. We like to help you out, please reach us at


I used this app for over 2yr, but the feed not working at least 2~3 days per month. since feed does not work 26 hours, after amazon prime day, and Friday night. we need to update price and qty, but no response and no update. major errors and problems, this matter is over and over again.
Update on 10.16.2020


I have been waiting over 2 weeks for a response to my query which is not allowing my business to function correctly and there is absolutely zero help from Stock Sync.

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