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App works well...when it loads that is. My site has been delayed because this app never loads. Everything else loads on my laptop just fine, so I know it's not my connection. Sometimes app won't load at all, other times it'll load but I can't get products to sync. Frustrating.

Just a Girl Clothing
SyncXが返信しました 2024年1月30日

Hi Just a Girl Clothing,

We've noted your concerns about the app's loading issues and product syncing. We appreciate your feedback and are actively working to address these issues promptly.

If you have specific details to share, we'd appreciate your input to our email address:


very disappointed with building the product section as for three weeks I could not fix an issue. Every time I emailed the person that day who read it did not read previous messages and then I had to repeat myself over and over finally nothing was fixed and the case was closed once I complained. Many feeds are not updated and most have not new item. Also, you cannot see the feeds you have to specifically ask for it. This whole process takes weeks and finally, you just give up.
SyncXが返信しました 2023年10月23日

We apologize for your frustrating experience with building the product section. Your feedback is valuable, and we're committed to improving our communication and resolving the issues promptly.

Please get in touch with our support team again so we can address your concerns and ensure your feeds are updated as expected.

Thank you for being so patient.


Easy to setup, I did have some issues but they were fixed, although support is a little slow, works as it should. But $15 and can only sync the feed every 8hrs is terrible. Will be looking for another app that isnt so tight on scheduling.

Custom Football Gifts
SyncXが返信しました 2023年8月30日

Hi there

We deeply apologize for the trouble you have faced. I understand your concerns and would like to help you find a solution that works for your budget.

Let me brief you on how the subscription works. When you choose the plan with every 1-hour schedule, every feed is entitled to get an hourly update. Unfortunately, we can't adjust it for specific feeds.

This means that if you want an update every hour for the 'stock update' feed, the other two feeds will also receive hourly updates.

However, we can suggest a way to get 4-hour update since you have only used 2 Update feeds.
All you have to do is duplicate the 'stock update' feed and run it at a different time.

We hope that you would give us another chance to make it up to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any troubles or problems that you encountered upon using Stock Sync. We will do our best to resolve it.

Kind regards,
Stock Sync team


I'm using this app for a few days and set up went great, testing also working great with my customer ERP and FTP, but suddenly the app stops working, since this morning, and nobody is returning my messages, no one is answering... what's happening ??? Is there a status page or a website where we can check the app status??


Have used the app for basic updating of on hand stock quantities. Wanting to add a supplier with mass quantities of data and really struggling to get any assistance from the support email with this app.
Currently looking for another app to assist with uploading product and inventory because of the lack of support

bunkies NZ

Slow and unhelpful customer support, the tool work as it should but the support is poor.

Dirtbikebitz Store

Stocksync promisses are great, however their servers are absolutely unreliable and rarely complete its tasks on time. Either uploading a file mannualy or via automatic feeds, it just takes a long time "processing" and sometimes it fails without completing the task. Not recommended for stores that need accuracy.

Gut Gut
SyncXが返信しました 2021年1月12日

Hi there

We deeply apologize for the trouble you have faced as we did have a server issue 2 days ago. Our team has already fixed the issue, and Stock Sync is working as usual since.

We hope that you would give us another chance to make it up to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any troubles or problems that you encountered upon using Stock Sync. We will do our best to resolve it.

Kind regards,
Stock Sync team


The app creates duplicates while making an addition , which is horrible if you have products over 1k. I also try to undo actions and it did not work.It also explained that when you undo task you get your credits back. I spent 15 dolar in a day and result is 2 star. I did not receive any support so far. It may synce qty, except that good luck with this app..

SyncXが返信しました 2021年1月27日

We are sorry about this duplicate issue. There is an Undo function to restore it back. The Undo will revert back the credits and remove those newly imported products. We received your support ticket and replied within 4 hours. We have to apologized that for the wrong impression. Stock Sync received many 5 stars reviews from users who love us but we are helping many merchants so please give us more time and up to 1 day to reply to you.


Seems like it would be great, but support takes to long to get back to you and is not very clear in their response. After days of back and forth, I figured out the issue before they did.


There is nowhere to contact the support team which makes it hard if you have a specific request hence the low rating.

Fase Wear Sverige
SyncXが返信しました 2021年1月24日

Hi there,

We are very sorry for the bad experience on Stock Sync. Our team is quite sad about the 2-star app reviews.

You can always contact us using these 3 ways: One can be found on the Stock Sync page on the top menu by clicking on 'Support' and 'Contact Us’.

The second is when setting up the feed, it will be at the bottom of the settings.

The third will be the Shopify app listing and click on the 'Get Support' button.

We are doing our best to help it works. Would you reconsider the review and give us another chance?

Warm regards,