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Shopify POS Pro的库存管理

有效的库存管理是您的实体零售业务的战略优势。热销产品的售罄可能会对您的销售造成损害,但是手头上的库存过多可能会耗尽您的资源。利用Shopify的Stocky来优化您的库存决策。花更少的时间担心要购买哪些产品,更多的时间用最佳的产品组合来最大化您的利润,并通过集成的Shopify POS工作流程使店内员工能够使用。

有效的库存管理是您的实体零售业务的战略优势。热销产品的售罄可能会对您的销售造成损害,但是手头上的库存过多可能会耗尽您的资源。利用Shopify的Stocky来优化您的库存决策。花更少的时间担心要购买哪些产品,更多的时间用最佳的产品组合来最大化您的利润,并通过集成的Shopify POS工作流程使店内员工能够使用。 更多
  • 创建和管理采购订单并与供应商沟通。
  • 通过计数或扫描手头的库存进行盘点并进行调整。
  • 使用深度报告通过库存分析做出良好的库存决策。
  • 在Shopify POS中查看和接收入库的库存。
  • 使用条形码扫描来加快在Shopify POS中接收库存的速度。









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It is very good and helps me enormously in the functions that I use in stocky.

But I have been waiting for a long time for them to make basic improvements such as:
- Send, make and send inventory transfers to other Branches.
- Customize in more depth the functions a user can perform.
- Be able to see users executed some actions.
- Be able to log in with any user without having to go through the Shopify Control Panel.
- and many other things that could be improved to look more professional.

Angeles Fashion
接近4年 人在使用应用

Used to be better, but could do with some updates as a lot of features aren't working anymore.

I use Stocky to see what products are selling well, what will be depleted soon and what products need reordering.

4年多 人在使用应用
Shopify已回复 2024年5月15日

Thanks for the review. I would suggest attempting to clear the cache on your browser to see if that fixes the issue that you are experiencing with some of Stocky's features: If you continue to experience these issues, you can get in touch with our live support to have a further look by navigating to our Help Center: -Ollie, Shopify Support


Stocky is essentially useless for anything other than the most basic of functionality. No ability to see reports on when POs are due, no integration with Quickbooks or other accounting software, no ability to mass export or import POs, limited reporting functionality.... I could go on.

It's disappointing that Shopify offers such a lackluster feature to fulfill a basic part of the retailer experience.

Whittaker Mountaineering
1年多 人在使用应用
Shopify已回复 2024年6月18日

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, we truly appreciate it. As I can completely understand the impact of this change, I've gone ahead and shared your feedback with our developers. We are however, always working to improve platform and appreciate you sharing those points. - Blair, Shop Support


We use Stocky for creating purchase orders and receiving products into our brick and mortar location. We have been waiting for improvements in the app since we started using it. Examples of easy fixes:

-All PO's and Receiving Logs should have totals associated with them, if you only receive some items on a PO, Stocky keeps the PO total the same as if you received them all. This is basic spreadsheet.

-Columns in purchasing and receiving should be capable of adjusting their width. Instead, you have to widen your screen to see the total on the right side- as far away from the other information as it can be. Users should be able to arrange columns in whatever size and order they need. There should be more available options for columns.

-The backorders on a partially received PO look CRAZY. I look at them all the time and still don't understand what it's trying to say

-The product info page is useless.

Pros- Stocky is free. Cons- Apparently that means they aren't ever going to improve it. I would HAPPILY pay money to use an improved version.

Treehouse Toys
大约1年 人在使用应用
Shopify已回复 2024年5月13日

Hi, there! Thanks so much for your review of the Stocky App. We appreciate you taking the time to share the feedback you have here, as feedback helps us determine the sort of features we should look into adding in future updates to provide more value to Stocky users. I've gone ahead and passed all of your feedback here to the Stocky Team for their consideration. I can't outline what may come as a result of the feedback, but you can trust it's been brought to the attention of the Stocky Team. Thanks! -Imogen, Shopify Support


This app has had the functionality that we needed and all of a sudden it no longer supports mobile devices. We have been using the app on Ipads for over a year and the latest update has killed that functionality. So annoying that we now need to find a new inventory management app. Looking at other reviews it appears that Stocky is on its way out.
12个月 人在使用应用
Shopify已回复 2024年4月24日

Hi, there! Thank you for your review of the Stock App! We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback here around this recent update and change in functionality. Though it's still possible to use Stock to count inventory using the Stocky Web App and a supported scanner, the inability to use a mobile device, and the POS App with Stocky to scan inventory is a hit to some user's workflows and expectations. I've taken the time to reach out to our Retail Team to share your feedback with them, so they can consider additional functionality around your feedback in any future Stocky updates. -Imogen, Shopify Support


Shopify 可以回答您关于 Stocky 的任何问题。



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