Rewind Copy (formerly Replay)

Rewind Copy (formerly Replay)

door Rewind

Store Copy Made Simple. Duplicate and Manage Multiple Stores.

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Sell To More People

Clone or duplicate products, blogs, themes, pages, collections, and more to create multi-currency and multi-language stores.

Get A Staging Environment

Enjoy a sandbox test store to try out theme, code, and other changes without any risk of negatively affecting your live store.

Store Copy Made Simple

Perfect for Shopify and Shopify Plus. Copy is built by the team at Rewind, developers of the top-rated backup app for Shopify.

Over Rewind Copy (formerly Replay)

Who Is Rewind Copy For?

Rewind Copy is built for Shopify merchants who manage multiple stores. Common use cases to duplicate a store include:

  • Offering multiple languages
  • Offering multiple currencies
  • Creating a wholesale store
  • Creating a test store (aka staging environment or sandbox)

Fast, Automatic Copies

Rewind Copy automatically copies products, product images, collections, pages, blogs, and themes. There are no limits or restrictions on the number of items being copied, and you don’t have to worry about manual time-consuming exports.

Run multiple stores? Rewind Copy can copy data from one store to multiple stores, all at once.


Rewind Copy will update an item in the destination store if the item has the same handle as the one it's copying from.

Copy Metafields From One Store to Another

Rewind Copy can copy product metafields from one Shopify store to another. Contact our support team to request access to this beta feature.

Exclude Certain Product Details

Eager to copy some, but not all, product details? You can exclude some product details, like prices and images, so you can keep products up-to-date across multiple stores without overwriting shop-specific details.

What Rewind Copy Can Copy From One Store to Another

  • Products, product images, and product metadata (currently in beta)
  • Collections, both smart collections and custom collections
  • Themes and theme assets
  • Your blog and blog posts
  • Pages

What Rewind Copy Doesn't Copy

Rewind Copy does not currently copy the following information:

  • Third-party apps (and their respective data)
  • Inventory
  • Metadata for collections
  • Shipping zones/rates
  • Store settings
  • Customers
  • Navigation (Store Menus)
  • Orders
  • Files and images uploaded within the theme editor (such as: logo, slideshow images, etc.)

If you're interested in any of these features, please let us know.

Rewind Backup Recommended

Although Rewind Copy has been heavily tested, it makes changes to the store that it's copying to. We recommend that you install Rewind backups before installing Rewind Copy so you have a complete backup of your store that you can restore back to it if needed.

Agency Partner Program

If you're a Shopify Expert or Agency, Rewind Copy is a no-brainer addition to your tech stack. Join our Agency Partner Program today.

Successful Copy Guarantee

If we try to copy your store and something doesn't work, let us know. We'll work to fix it and if it can't be solved, we will refund you.

Important note

If the theme being used originated from the Shopify Theme Store, then a valid purchase of that theme is required for each store account for a valid license to use such theme.

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Pay As You Go

Gratis te installeren

$0.20 per item copied

  • For one-time copies, just $0.20 for each item copied ($3.00 minimum)
  • Don't worry, you will see the charge amount before you approve payment



If copying to more than 1 store: $29 per additional store

  • For unlimited, automated copies
  • Supports up to 100,000 products
  • Continuously copy and sync stores
  • Contact us for larger stores

* Alle betalingen worden in USD gefactureerd.
** Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

4.4 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Avery Perfume Gallery

Website is copied without any metafield or any website or theme option. All pages, catalogues and products are copied without metadata requiring separate extensions to finish the job. No setting whatsoever is migrated. Obviously they don't allow you to try before paying 99$, such a shady practice...

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

22 oktober 2021

Hi there. My name is Maura, and I work on the product team here at Rewind. We are sorry you had difficulty with Rewind Copy.

We strive to copy as much data as possible from store to store. Unfortunately, there are some Shopify imposed limitations that we have no way around. For example, it's impossible for us to copy store settings.

We understand that copying metadata is important, and we are currently offering metadata copies as a beta feature, available upon request. You (and anyone else) are welcome to access this beta feature.

As for the theme copy, I'm sorry to hear you felt it was incomplete. We copy most of the theme automatically, and package up remaining theme images for easy import into the destination. We've helped many merchants duplicate their theme with this approach.

All that said, we hate to miss your expectations, and so have issued you a complete refund. We've also reached out to your directly over email with hopes we can guide you to you a better Copy experience.

Blue Chrome

This app definitely does work. I moved around 40,000 sku's from one Shopify store to another Shopify store. The best was it moved my paid for store template to the 2nd Shopify store. I did still have to manually add all the collections, add my legal documents and do some fine tuning on my Online Store template. But it is amazing how well it works! I did have some issues but customer service is excellent. My biggest challenge is they are not allow to include inventory numbers. I've tried exporting the csv files then importing those csv files to the new Shopify. That's not working out very well because I have to many sku's. I may have to go back and bulk add the inventory, I can do about 3000 sku's a day. I use a company who uploads my products, keeps up with the inventory amounts, pricing, deletion of out of stock products, etc and am waiting to hear back if they can switch to the new store for me. But this is a great app!

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

21 september 2021

Thank you for taking the time to write this thorough and thoughtful review! Our product team is looking into how we can help avoid that manual movement in the future 🙌


Phew. Did exactly what it was supposed to do - easily, efficiently, clearly. We have thousands of SKUs and this app helped us a lot.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

23 juni 2021

Glad to hear that! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, that means a lot to us. Please reach out anytime if you have questions or concerns :)