Store Pickup by Genie Apps

Store Pickup by Genie Apps

作成: Genie Apps

Offer instore pickup option for your products

Store Pickup by Genie Appsの詳細情報

Limited Time Offer: We are offering the app free for first 60 days to next 50 merchants. Then after that only $6.99 per month.

Store Pickup app allows you to place your order online and pick it up at a store near you. 

It is a multi-feature, and an ideal pickup app for your online Shopify store. You can also add multiple pickup locations with it. This is the best pickup solution for your customers. 

We provide different advancements and updates to this app to make it more feasible and helpful for customers.

Benefits of In Store Pickup:

1) Customers can get the goods faster and for free.

2) Customers can compare prices online and still get purchases immediately.

3) Customers love having options. And this additional option of in store pickup other than shipping can be reassuring for customers who like flexibility.

4) Instore pickup benefits both customers and merchants.

5) Instore pickup boosts customer loyalty.

How does it work: 

  • At checkout, the customer selects where he/she wants to pick up the particular product. 

  • Customer then chooses a date for instore pickup(optional).

  • Customer provides the name and contact number of the person who is collecting the product(optional). 

  • "Pickup Product" is automatically added to the cart which enables the instore pickup.

Core Features:

For Customers:

  • Customers can select free pickup option as shipping method.

  • Customers can select convenient pickup date and time for instore pickup.

  • On cart page, customers are able to see all the physical locations.

  • Customers are able to submit their name and contact number with pickup order.

For Merchants:

  • Merchants can limit the no of orders they want to receive per time slot and per day also.

  • Merchants are able to add as many physical stores as they want.

  • For each location, merchants can control the availability and pickup times.

  • Merchants can enable date picker and time picker for each location.

  • Merchants can set preparation time and cut off order time for each location.

  • For each location merchants can exclude specific products from pickup.

  • Merchants can disable certain dates on which customers are not allowed to pickup.

  • For each location they can set the max and min no of days, untill the customer is allowed to pickup.

  • Merchants can give email addresses they want to be notified when a pickup order is created.

We have worked hard to build and test the store pickup app in a real Shopify store. If you think you need a new feature let us know we'll include that for you in our next version.

While installing our app or anywhere in the process if you need any help from our side we are available. Just let us know. If you would like us to setup the app on your store we will do that. Thanks.





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Youngs Farm

Genie apps was the best fit for what we needed, and then they helped us customize the app for our store to be exactly what we needed. We wanted to be able to create time slots of different lengths, and they are currently helping us to set this up. They also customized some things for us that were just aesthetic, and we really appreciated that. Absolutely amazing support—thank you so much!

Shop in Style

I am rating this app as 4 stars for now. Will change it to 5 stars once Ali adds a collection filter in "Exclude Products" or a "click all" feature when excluding products. Hard to do it per SKU when your site is multi-brand and pick-up is at your brick and mortar stores.



Thank you for your feedback!!! At the moment all merchants can exclude products from the pickup on a per-product basis. We are working on a feature from where merchants would be able to exclude on the basis of the collection as well. It would be available very soon.

Lavender and Honey Kitchen LLC

Quick and responsive customer service, great all around app to make our in-person business ready for web



Thank you for your great feedback!!!