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15 novembre 2021

Pretty solid app. We've definitely found it helpful and more user friendly than Bold's recurring billing app. We've been using Recharge for about 18 months and I've witnessed app enhancements and improvements that resolved some pain points we had in the beginning. Their support is also much better than when we first started: faster responses to initial outreach, faster resolution times, more skilled team troubleshooting. They've been doing great the past couple of months. I recently corresponded with Meredith to resolve some issues and to assist with some bulk data updates. She was fast, professional, courteous and just did what was needed quickly and accurately. Keep it up, team! There are some annoying little glitchy things that I wish didn't happen. For example, one-time products added to a subscription order frequently get permanently added to the subscription. But when the next charge tries to process, it can't because the one-time product triggers the out of stock flow and blocks the order from processing. It's also very common that when we create a new page for a one-time product, the page will display the "subscribe & save" button even though it's not even in Recharge's system. The only way we've found to work with it is to add and remove the product from Recharge's product list. Solvable but weird and a bit of a hassle. Overall, I think this is one of the best apps available for managing subscriptions. It's mostly solid with some little quirks and their support has improved greatly.

Big Island Coffee Roasters
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18 dicembre 2021

This app is relatively easy to setup and manage, and works quite well. However, there are couple things that would need to be addressed: 1) the Recharge app creates a duplicate of the original product, which leads to unnecessary the clutter in the Products list, and 2) once you add the product to Recharge's product or ruleset list, the name (title) of product will not be updated there, if you change it - you'll have to remove then re-add same product for updated name to show up on Recharge mode, which is cumbersome. It would be nice to have name updatable along with other parameters, or have an ability to edit it within Recharge's own product or ruleset lists.

Mama Bar
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30 luglio 2021

As a subscription system, the app performs fine. We are always on the hunt for a new system because Recharge's support leaves a lot to be desired. First, do not pay for enhanced support. It is no different from what is built in. When you do finally communicate with support, you will be gaslit approximately 3 times before they acknowledge that the problem exists. "We can't duplicate the problem" "There was nothing attached" "The video example you provided isn't long enough". In between each communication is at least 24 hours. It's exhausting. Most problems I've finally fixed myself using message board info or YouTube videos. Other problems require a developer. However, Recharge's recommended developers never get back in touch. I have one persisting issue that I cannot correct, Recharge refuses to correct and their developers won't acknowledge me. If all you do is sell subscriptions, Recharge is adequate. If you have other products in your store, prepare yourself for ongoing interaction with support.

Red Stick Spice Company
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23 febbraio 2022

So far the set up has been relatively easy. I would appreciate more visual instructions for setting things up. Breanna was super helpful and kind in answering my questions.

Vinyl Wine
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9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
16 febbraio 2022

Overall the app works, the updated interface is a lot more user friendly, but I wish some things were easier, especially from the customer pov.

funk & Michael Brothers online shop
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15 febbraio 2022

This app works fairly well for what it's meant for however, there are a few things I do not like about it. I'll start with what I like about it first. Pros: The Recharge customer service team is very responsive and super helpful. I was using a different subscription app previously and was in search for a better one. This one is better than what I was using but I feel that it could still offer more. Customers who are subscribed are able to add other products to a future subscription order as a one-time purchase, so that the added product is only added to one order and not all future orders. This is something the previous app I was using did not offer. Cons: There is no pickup option so that local customers can subscribe to my products and pick up their order, so I had to build a work-around. If you use the Recharge check-out there is an option to add notes to customers subscriptions that will show on future orders however, if you use the Shopify check-out this option does not exist. I find this extremely inconvenient if you need to leave a note on the customer's next order, or on all future orders - you can't. I use to use a different subscription app and decided to switch to Recharge. The migration went fairly smooth however, I kept finding several orders that randomly had free shipping and no one seemed to know how or why. I believe this issue has finally been resolved and must have had something to do with the migration I hope. When I have a store wide sale, I use an app that changes/discounts the prices of all of my products. If someone were to subscribe during a sale, all of their future orders will reflect the sale discount, as well as my subscription discount that I offer. So my team has to go through new subscriptions after every sale and adjust the prices. I believe this could be resolved by using a discount code for my sales rather than changing all of my prices however, I apply different discounts to different products so a discount code with one discount to apply to all orders doesn't really work well for me. If a product goes out of stock on my Shopify store, Recharge doesn't know and customers can still add the items as one-time purchases to future subscription orders. So you have to have a collection of products that are specifically the only products that can be added as one-time purchases, and when one goes out of stock you need to remove it from the collection. I will continue to use this app as I don't think there is a better option right now

Rampage Coffee Co.
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17 febbraio 2021

Customer service rep Jessie Mills is stellar. Very knowledgeable and gives quick, helpful responses. The only reason I'm not giving a 5 star is because the rest of ReCharge as an app doesn't meet her standards of service, and leaves us wanting more. Since I'm technically reviewing ReCharge I have to leave it at 4. Jessie gets 5 stars any day!

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Data modifica: 7 ottobre 2021

Only issue for me is my store offers pickup and shipping and the app defaults to lowest shipping cost after the first order is made. So, if they order shipping on there first order the subsequent orders will default to pickup because its free. I have talked with tech support and the only work around is to manually add the shipping rate which is static. It's more work then it needs to be for an automated system.

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Data modifica: 6 luglio 2022

I like it better than Bold. It's still not as user friendly and intuitive as I would like, but it is better than Bold subscriptions and integrates with other apps I use like Klaviyo and Gorgias. Customer service has been very helpful whenever I have needed it.

Java Planet Coffee
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8 aprile 2021

The team is very helpful - they respond very quickly and are eager to help! We struggled a bit to integrate the app with the customized elements of our site but it is now working fine.

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