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We're not in love with the ReCharge app. It's a bit non-intuitive and wonky for customers to easily make changes. Seems most can not figure out how to log in to their accounts. I WILL say that we've recently had an issue that we have been dealing with ReCharge Customer Support, and they have been fabulous. Specifically Zachary and Hector. Prompt, efficient, and effective has been their troubleshooting. They're exemplary.

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Recharge seems to be the standard subscription app for Shopify. It does its job, but from the customer's point of view, it's not intuitive. We receive a lot of customer support requests asking for help changing ship date, flavor, etc. However, they are continually updating and it is improving. The customer support has been very good, but it does not always integrate as seamlessly as I would expect.

The Bitter Housewife
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I wish I could get fixes to dev issues. I still have to request from CS to get orders manually processed, I used to have permission but it changed somehow and now I don't. I asked to get permission and was not able to because it is under an email my team doesn't have access to. ReCharge could not edit permission for me.

Vena CBD
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Our subscription business was previously with Bold. We transitioned to Recharge last year, largely based on the aesthetics of their customer portal - it looks slicker and we thought it would make for a better customer experience. Unfortunately, the back-end of Recharge has been a disaster for us. Our subscribers have been unable to update their payment method since DEC 27, 2021. It is now FEB 21, 2022. That's nearly two months since we've alerted Recharge to this issue, and unfortunately the problem still persists. We receive daily emails from our subscribers (who WANT to continue) but they're unable to update to their new credit card - and they have no choice but to let the subscription expire. I continue to follow up with Recharge every other day or so, and am told that they're "working on it." They've offered up a few workarounds, none of which worked. Needless to say, it's been a pain managing irritated customers (loss of time), and it has resulted in a loss in our subscription revenue (loss of money). But more importantly, it has been a such a poor experience for our most loyal, long-term, avid users. The last two months of listening to our subscribers' frustration, and watching our subscriptions decline has left us feeling unsupported and powerless, since there's still no fix. Below is just one of the endless customer emails we've received. This experience has been everything you want to avoid as a business owner - it's embarrassing and a poor reflection on everything we've been working to build. Recharge might look better, but Bold actually worked. CUSTOMER EMAIL: I have tried three separate times to access the subscription page with no luck, always a "third party access" issue. My card I used to pay for the subscription is expiring and since I can't update it I suppose I will just let you figure that I am cancelling my subscription. Thanks for the great soap that I have had and good luck. ***MARCH 28TH 2022 UPDATE*** Unbelievably, this issue still persists -- THREE MONTHS LATER. I have been passed along to six or seven different support reps. There has been no correction - nor any indication that they have even been able to identify the issue. It's been a constant flow of "our team is looking into it", "we're getting close", "we need an API key" (which has been supplied three times now) then the next rep steps in and repeats all the same responses. It is absolutely crazy that it's been three months; you'd think someone at Recharge would acknowledge this absurdity of this, and simply dedicate some time & thought to correct the issue - but it's obvious our business doesn't matter to Recharge. We'll await the next email of "we're working on it...." ***One Year Later Update***: While I still cringe at how painful our transition was to Recharge, we've since had an incredibly positive experience working with their team that manages their Bundles product. ADOLFO & PAOLA specifically are WONDERFUL. Since they are worth five stars and my migration is still one star, I'll change my rating to three stars. Long story short, I would not recommend migrating over to Recharge from an existing subscription platform, but if you're starting fresh, Recharge is certainly an option.

Bearsville Soap Company
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There is a lot of room for improvement. It gets the job done but how much they charge in fees should be much better. Surprisingly this is the top app in this category. As they have grown over the years, their support has not kept up with quality. Lot of back and forth before the issue is looked at or taken seriously. More apps are being developed in this category and hopefully, a more competitive selection will be offered.

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Some of the history information is misleading for agents to follow. One of our agents is unable to retry charges or refund customers and an investigation is ongoing with developers

Harringtons Pet Food
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I signed up for this product when we had just a small handful of subscription customers. Now, 95% of our sales are subscriptions (thousands of subscriptions per year). As it is, my monthly bill from ReCharge is higher than Shopify, Shipstation, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, and all other Shopify apps **COMBINED**. This is, by far, the biggest money pit in our business operations. While the analytics have improved slightly since we first signed up, I am still having to manually assemble data to even understand what the app is doing. Combine that with it crashing this week... Ugh. I understand that ReCharge as a company is primarily focused on large enterprise accounts and that this Shopify app is a fairly new entry for them. However, there are significantly better choices on the Shopify App Store for subscriptions at a FRACTION of the cost. (ReCharge collects a flat fee PLUS a percentage of all dollars that flow through their system, including shipping! It gets expensive fast!) However, the actual people who work there are a delight. The support team is great and responsive and are always interested in keeping things up and running -- kudos to them! They're the real heroes here: they get all the stars in this review.

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The support was very helpful. The support team's response quickly provided responses and solutions to my question.

Parlor Coffee
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Thank you to Matt J who was able to help us same day! Gives us lots of peace of mind knowing we can reach out and right away hear back. Thank you!

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They switched me over to a paid account without me asking for it. Now they no longer have a free account. 1% + .10 so now my credit card charge rate is extra high once you add this onto what credit cards/paypal is charging. Thank you for working with me and removing charges that were not mine.

Jumpy Monkey® Coffee
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