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Recharge has been a good app. There have been a few tiny glitches but the suppport team has been very timely with quick fixes and good communication.

If there were something to improve upon, more UX testing with "normal" users on customer side. Some of our customers are able to manage their subscriptions easily, but we still have a number who are confused and we help with our support team.

Alaska Gold Seafood
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Recharge 已回覆 2024年4月8日

We appreciate your feedback!

Ty Bailey | VP of Services


I have never been a fan of this app...but I am warming to it since integrated checkout with shopify and chat support. Just had a great experience with support person Jaden Walker. Thanks

We Are Planet Hope
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Recharge 已回覆 2024年3月4日

We appreciate you taking the time to leave a review!

- Ty Bailey | VP of Services


Customer service team is excellent! Really proactive and quick with solving issues and providing assistance

Shine+ Drink
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Recharge 已回覆 2024年2月12日

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review!

- Ty Bailey | VP of Services


The app has definite limitations, but customer service is prompt and very helpful.

Steampunk Coffee Roasters
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Recharge 已回覆 2024年1月29日

We appreciate your feedback!

- Ty Bailey | VP of Services


I would recommend it. Great customer service and easy to use! Although, my clients tend to have a tough time canceling subscriptions that they ordered by accident.

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Recharge 已回覆 2024年1月16日

Thank you so much for your review and the feedback you've provided!

- Ty Bailey | VP of Services


Overall ReCharge is a very good app that provides the ability to offer subscriptions to our customers. The support team has also been very responsive and helpful in addressing any issues we have run into.

I do think that having some added customization/flexibility in the way bundles are set up and function as well as within the interface would be very beneficial and take the app to another level. Some things are a bit limited and have required workarounds.

Superior Provisions
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Recharge 已回覆 2023年11月15日

We appreciate your feedback and for your time in leaving this review!

- Ty Bailey | VP of Services


The SMS feature wasn't working as expected. The 3-day notice to our customers (prior to shipment) wasn't going out. That's the most important text! Taylor P. was super helpful in getting the issue resolved. It did take a few weeks, but he maintained communication with me on a weekly basis do I knew the issue was still on his radar which gave me peace of mind. Taylor P was awesome! Thanks again for your diligence and attention to our issue. While I give the app 4 stars, I give Taylor P 5 stars!

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Recharge 已回覆 2023年8月29日

We're glad to hear that Taylor was able to keep you up to date with regard to getting your concerns resolved. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review and your feedback.
- Ty Bailey | VP of Services


Recharge has caused me some issues over the years, but their support team really kicks butt. They've gone above and beyond to help make sure my issues have been corrected. I've been using their system for 4ish years now and I highly recommend them

Fisher's Popcorn
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Recharge 已回覆 2023年10月16日

I'm glad to hear that you've had a positive experience with our support team and that they've been able to assist in resolving your concerns. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review!

- Ty Bailey | VP of Services


Excellent support! Nikola was great help. Documentation could be better tho. Some things are unclear like changing some things in bulk could be better documented.

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Recharge 已回覆 2023年7月3日

We really appreciate your feedback and will be taking the time to bring your review up to the rest of our team for future updates. Thank you for the shout-out to Nikola!

- Ty | VP of Services


I have been using Recharge for a few years. My subscription business has grown consistently. Great customer support, which means the most to me.

Hudson Henry Baking Co.
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