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6 april 2024

Highly recommended! Having used Sumtracker for a year now, we can confidently say it's the best inventory management app out there. We've tried others, but nothing compares. The bundles option is a game-changer for our efficiency. One of its standout features is tracking purchase orders with the currency we paid, which keeps our records accurate. The service is top-notch. Ankit and the team are incredibly responsive and accommodating. Overall, Sumtracker has exceeded our expectations. If you need a powerful and user-friendly inventory management solution, Sumtracker is it.

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4 juni 2024

so far, so good. I've only been using for a short time as of this review. The positive is that sumtracker support has been amazing. Ankit and team have been super friendly and responsive which is the most important thing for any company in my opinion. They currently nail the customer experience part of business. The app is also super easy to use and i was able to get up and running within just a few days. I've only had a couple small issues and bugs, but like i said, they've been super responsive and have fixes in the pipeline for any bugs/issues i find. The 4 star is because ive only been using for a short time and any small software company is going to have bugs/issue to work out. I'm sure this will turn into a 5 star as i have more time with the software. I look forward to continuing to use this application for my inventory needs.

Heartland Lettering
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14 mei 2024

Very useful tool!

Mureti Jewelry
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31 maart 2024

The app is super easy to use. Made our life easier to manage inventory

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29 februari 2024

SumTracker is everything I expected it to be, and MORE. Everything literally works flawlessly once you set it up. And it operates FAST too (everything loads quickly in the APP, and changes are updated VERY quickly too).

I use it for my Shopify Store and eBay. Very customizable, and just plain works!

You can easily update quantity manually, for each product, if needed, or you can use spreadsheets to edit quantity (if needed).

Once it is all setup though, you will never HAVE to worry about anything though, other than adding more inventory when you receive shipments from your suppliers (this is very easy to do though - either directly within the APP, or by using spreadsheet uploads).

Support for this APP is excellent too.

SumTracker is definitely one of the best APP's I have ever used. Well worth every penny!
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Sumtracker heeft geantwoord 2 maart 2024

Thanks so much for the great review Matt! We really appreciate your kind words!

15 januari 2024

Sumtracker solved all of the problems I had trying to use Shopify for both wholesale and retail sales. It allows me to track wholesale/retail inventory with the same SKU, which no one else seemed to be able to do. They've been great to promptly answer every question I have in a timely manner and even meet virtually with me when I need them to. Highly recommend!

Wolf & Willa
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Sumtracker heeft geantwoord 17 januari 2024

Thanks for the amazing review! This is the best reward we can get from our customers! We are excited to continue improving our product and services and provide a great experience to all our users.

10 januari 2024

I can highly recommend this app. Anyone who sells on multiple platforms or marketplaces will love the quick synchronization of inventory. Since I got this app, I haven't had any overselling. It is very easy to use and bundles can also be integrated without any problems. There are also many other functions in the app. Support also responds quickly to problems and was able to help me. Highly Recommended.

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Sumtracker heeft geantwoord 11 januari 2024

Thanks a lot for the amazing review! We are working to make Sumtracker the best inventory management app for our users!

20 november 2023

Had this app for 9 months now and CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! If you need to sync inventory between 2 or more stores/platforms then this app is a must have. Plus the support from Ankit is fast and they keep adding features to make my job even easier, most recently working on a picklist feature! Love everything about Sumtracker and highly recommend it is great value for the time savings it offers!

Canadian Piercing Supply
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Sumtracker heeft geantwoord 23 november 2023

Thanks for the amazing review :)

8 januari 2024

This app has been very helpful and has allowed us to link some complex bundles with ease. Very happy with sumtracker.

Camp Brand Goods
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Sumtracker heeft geantwoord 11 januari 2024

Thanks for the great review Cyd! You've been a really great customer too :)

11 oktober 2023

I have used multiple inventory management software in the past and this one by far is the easiest to use and the best quality. I haven't come across any bugs or errors. Other platforms I have used in the past seem to have heaps of bugs that is not ideal when tracking inventory.

We use this app to bundle products to their components. We have HEAPS of listings on Shopify, eBay and Etsy and it works really well for us.

The platform is very intuitive and they are always looking for ways to improve their system. Customer service is also top notch!

Craft 360
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Sumtracker heeft geantwoord 13 oktober 2023

Thanks so much Amy for the wonderful feedback. We'll continue to work hard to make Sumtracker your favourite app!