Super Bar‑ Sticky Add To Cart

Super Bar‑ Sticky Add To Cart

作成: App HQ Pte. Ltd.

Sticky bar + Cart upsell + checkout countdown timer

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Add to cart, always visible

A Sticky add to cart button is visible at all times and entices your customers.


Super Bar is a checkout booster that matches any theme with powerful design customization options.

Countdown timer

Our checkout timer allows customers to skip the cart page and complete their purchase quicker.

Super Bar‑ Sticky Add To Cartの詳細情報

Super Bar is the ultimate sticky add to cart bar for your Shopify store. A sticky add to cart bar stays with your customer as they scroll down the page, allowing your customers to add to cart at any point. That’s not all, Super Bar is jam packed with advanced features including 3 types of cart upsell, urgency countdown timer, and more. Super Bar was specifically designed to simplify the checkout process for your customers, significantly increasing the conversion rate.

Automated Installation

Super Bar can be installed with one click and is completely automated. No need to mess with any theme files or do any coding, just the click of a button.

Cart Upsell

Add to cart upselling allows you upsell additional items specific to the product being added to cart. This is a great way to quickly display products that pair well together.

  1. Recommended Product Upselling Take advantage of the Shopify product recommendation API and add a layer of upselling. This type of upselling is great for when a specific upsell is not defined above.

  2. Standard Upselling Super Bar also allows you to pick products that will be shown if they’re not in cart already. Simple as that, this type of checkout booster is great if the methods above come up blank.

  3. Off-page upselling Traditionally upselling apps only upsell products on the product page or upon checkout. Our sticky add to cart app enables Off-page upselling, which allows you to upsell additional items while your customers browse other parts of your website, all in a non-intrusive way.

Urgency countdown timer

Do you have a sale on your website? With Super Bar you can add a countdown timer to your sticky add to cart bar. This helps create urgency, increasing conversion rate.

Extremely customizable

We went all out with Super Bar and provided you with dozens of design options to get just the look you’re going for. Super Bar -Sticky Add To Cart can be configured to match any theme or design.

Why choose Super Bar?

It’s a smooth and feature-rich checkout booster bar. It has a small footprint and can have a huge impact on your store.


  • Slide Cart









  • Free forever
  • Functionality settings
  • Branding free
  • Premium support



  • 7 day trial
  • All free features
  • Upselling
  • Urgency countdown
  • Performance Analytics
  • Off-page upselling (recommendation api)
  • Customizable design

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Very easy to install (3 clicks)
The support team react very quickly and can customize if needed.
The display is very cool and if fits very well with the slidercart app.
Thanks again guys !


Just installed on our site. I really like the functionality to have it slide out from the top. Support was quick to help with my needs as well. Excited to see how it performs and also implementing some of the other functions later!

Pawco Pets

Fantastic App. Really great. Basic features are already good with the free version and all the customisability you could want with the Paid version as well, if needed.