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Data modifica: 14 dicembre 2021

Holy crap. I hope I have misunderstood something in your "easiest" user manual, but it is true that you can only use one effect at a time? You're writing "add effectS" all over the place, then we discover you can only add one at a time? I hope I'm wrong on this, otherwise you're a scam. Paal
22 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
2B I/O ha risposto 14 dicembre 2021

Hi Paal,

Sorry for the inconvenience you are facing with. It is never our intention to scam our users or deceive them in any ways, so your review came as a shock to us even though we did appreciate it.

We've been trying to combine the effects into one as your request, but seems like it would badly affect page loading speed. To make sure customers can experience the effect on all devices from desktop, tablet to mobile, we suggest that only one effect should be applied at a time.

I've gone through our User Manual and did not see the place it's written "add effects" to store. If you could point it out for me, that would help me a lot.

To provide further support, I'll reach out through email. Thank you and have a good day.