Super Gift Options — Gift Wrap

Super Gift Options — Gift Wrap

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Offer customers paid or free gift wrap, gift message & receipt

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Add Gift Message To Orders

Let customers add their own personal touch to their order by adding a gift message with a maximum length that you set!

Gift Wrap & Hide Price Option

Allow customers to add paid or free gift wraps to their order and to ask you to hide the order's price from the receipt

No Code Needed

No code is needed to install and activate the app. It will magically start working immediately after installation!

有關 Super Gift Options — Gift Wrap

NEW - Make the gift options more noticeable with a shake / blink animation!

NEW - You can now choose to show the gift options only for specific products!

NEW - Automatic order tagging - orders with chosen gift options can now be easily filtered in the orders screen!

NEW - The gift options can now be added to products pages, above the Add To Cart button!

NEW - Paid gift messages! Allow customers to add and pay for a gift message with their order!

Add unique gift options to your store in a click and upsell orders! Enrich your customers' shopping experience! Allow customers to add a personal gift message / gift certificate (paid or free) to their order, a gift wrap / gift box (paid or free) and to ask you to hide the order's price from the receipt (gift receipt)!

Paid or Free Custom Gift Message / Gift Card

Allow your customers to add their own personal touch to their order by adding a personal message that will be added to their order when you'll ship. You can control the length of the message you're allowing, and whether it will be free or paid.

Paid or Free Gift Wrap

Let your customers add paid or free gift wraps to their order for maximum surprise! Control the price of the gift wrap at any time from the app's dashboard.

Gift Receipts - Hide Order Price, Please!

Allow your customers to ask you to hide the order's price from the receipt or to provide the recipient with a gift receipt.

Environmental Care - Save The Trees

The gift receipt option can be used in order to allow customers to indicate that they don't want to get a printed receipt with their order

Main Features

  • Adds a customized "Gift Options" label to the cart and to products pages that opens a pop-up modal on click
  • Print the selected gift options in your Packing Slip or invoice (using Order Printer)
  • Add the selected gift options to the order confirmation email that is being sent to customers
  • Choose which options you'd like to allow: Gift Message, Gift Wrap and Gift Receipt (All of them or several)
  • Can be displayed only for specific products
  • Control the price of the gift wrap and gift message at any time
  • Control the design of the pop-up modal: Upload your own image and set its colors
  • Fully control the text of the options you choose to enable
  • Supports all stores and themes
  • Super easy to use and to modify

Need Help? Want To Request A Feature?

Click the 'Get Support' button at the top of this listing to send us an email. Our average response time is just a few hours! :-)

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定價 7 天免費試用

Basic Plan

每月 $4.99

  • Add gift options: gift message (paid or free), gift wrap (paid or free) and gift receipt
  • Design the gift options as you like
  • Online support

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

4.9 5 顆星

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City Tasting Box

We used this app to help distinguish the gifts from regular orders for customers. It was easy to setup and we are glad to have it!


The support is amazing. Really Cool all the features the app has. I Have everything I need and I´m having a great upselling.

Update: Shahar from the support team emailed me to help me fix the problem, and I was finally able to get my store back like before. This app is very good, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately I had this problem, but they are things that can happen, I think it was a cache or temporary files issue. I would like the option of being able to select with images different types of wrapping paper or other element. This is what I need and unfortunately it is not possible yet. I hope you keep updating this app so that I can install it later. Thanks Shahar again for your help. Greetings from Chile. First post: Hi good day, I have a serious problem. I installed your app "Super Gift Options" and after testing it, it stopped working after installing variants in the product that the app generates automatically. I ended up uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, to try again. Now it works fine, however once I am in the shopping cart and place final order, it does not advance to the next Information stage, but it redirects me to the same shopping cart page. I have tried everything at this point and it does not fix. I need help now because this app destroyed my website. Now you can not move after the shopping cart, no one will be able to pay or do anything. I am very upset. I await your urgent response. Thanks!