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10 november 2021

The app is very simple to use and has greatly improved the ease of use of my store on a mobile device. The menu is clear and user-friendly and complements the design of my store. I recently asked about adding a mailto: handle as opposed to a preset store url and received a very prompt response from the support team. Great service! Strongly recommend this app!

Hendry's Health
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Drift Commerce heeft geantwoord 10 november 2021

Thanks a lot for this wonderful review. We are excited to have you in board 😀

Bewerkt 28 oktober 2021

I am so very pleased with this app. The Support given to me after I installed it was top-notch, Yuvra was very friendly and helpful in showing me how I can add the navigation buttons to assign them easily to my actions, pages, and collections. It looks and works GREAT! Using these new buttons, I can now enjoy a very useful "bridge" between having a mobile-capable website store and a full-fledged mobile app store. Well done!

Road Trip Rally Party
Verenigde Staten
8 maanden gebruiken de app
Drift Commerce heeft geantwoord 29 oktober 2021

Thanks for the review and kind words Ken, means a lot to us. We are excited to work with you. Cheers to our success 🍾😀

29 juli 2021

The app is very easy to use and setup. I also like the app feel it gives our mobile page without being intrusive.

Korie's Kloset
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5 maanden gebruiken de app
Drift Commerce heeft geantwoord 4 augustus 2021

Thanks for your kind words. Looking forward to helping and supporting you.

Bewerkt 6 juni 2022

Couldn't access the app from yesterday till now. Sent emails via Get Support but there was no response. Sent another email to but it says the address couldn't be found. What happened to the app? Pls contact. -------------
Update on June 6, 2022
Nobody contacted us, the issue was not fixed, and the app is still inaccessible. We want to delete the app and all remaining codes, but there was no way to reach out to the support how to remove the remaining codes :( We'll wait for some more days, if there's still no response, we have no way but have to report this app to Shopify :(

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab
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7 maanden gebruiken de app
Drift Commerce heeft geantwoord 13 mei 2022

We understand your frustration. It was becoming tough to keep the app live while it was free. We are making major changes to the back end of the app and will relaunch it with a paid plan to ensure it's maintained correctly. We are hoping to earn your trust and will work hard to do so.

10 september 2021

I really love this app, I searched through the whole store and couldn't find an app with these kinds of features, this app is the only one, it amazing, you can create a custom mobile friendly bottom menu for your website and change it up anytime with alot of different icons, it's pretty cool, I will be showing this app to my family and friends as I think they'll like it too, and I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a mobile menu for their website

Verenigde Staten
3 dagen gebruiken de app
Drift Commerce heeft geantwoord 10 september 2021

Thanks Kevin for the amazing review. We are glad you loved it. Always there to help and support. Wishing you all the best.