SuperSDS Amazon Dropshipping

SuperSDS Amazon Dropshipping

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Dropshipping Amazon Bestsellers Product from Suppliers

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Amazon Suppliers Dropshipping

Dropshipping from Amazon Suppliers,More discount. no Amazon Dropshipping policy restrictions. no Amazon FBA box packaging.

Import Amazon Reviews

Import Amazon Review to SuperSDS and export Amazon Reviews to the Reviews app we support in One-Click.

10K+ Best Bellers Products

More than 10 thousand Amazon Suppliers in China cooperate with SuperSDS

Su SuperSDS Amazon Dropshipping

SuperSDS Dropshipping Amazon Bestsellers Product from Suppliers

A lot of Amazon Bestsellers products come from China, we have found more than 10K Chinese suppliers for you, who can provide more than 100K Amazon Bestsellers ASIN. You can browse and find the right product for you as you would for Bestsellers or New Release TOP Rank on Amazon.

Dropshipping From Amazon Suppliers Warehouse (Not From Amazon FBA)

  • no Amazon Dropshipping policy restrictions.
  • no Amazon FBA box packaging.
  • The supplier using ePacket or USPS for shipment and provides a tracking number.

Lower prices than Amazon,lower wholesale pricing services

Dropshipping retail price have big discount than Amazon's official website. On the basis of retail price, you can order in bulk and enjoy higher discounts.

Give you priority to find specific Amazon product suppliers

If you are looking for a supplier of an Amazon product, SuperSDS does not have one yet.Please use the "Priority Hunter Suppliers", we will find the supplier of the product for you in 48 hours (get a lower price than Amazon) then give you a result.

Free Amazon Review Import / Export

  • free SuperReview APP Standard Plan for Import Amazon / Aliexpress Reviews, and Export to pupolar Review APPs Such as: Loox,, Ali Reviews,, Rivyo etc... Please search SuperReview in Shopify APP Store.

One Click Import Product to Shipify Store

Support product description custom ( Title / Description / Images) Publish the product to your Shopify store in one click.

One Click Fulfil Order

1-Click to process the order,the rest is automated by SuperSDS, Then SuperSDS will ship for you and provide after-sales service.

Auto Tracking Order

SuperSDS provides a real-time Order Tracking for you and your customer to check after order shipped. Support Order Refund We provide you with a refund guarantee if your order is out of stock, quality, or shipping issues. You can rest assured with SuperSDS.

Provide 24/7 question support

We offers 24/7 customer support,we will deal with your problems within 24 ours if you have any questions please contact through online service. Unsubscribe at any time You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time if you are not satisfied with our service, there will be no charge in the next subscription period according to Shopfiy's rules.

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  • SuperReview,
  • Ali Order,
  • Oberlo

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  • Import 50000 Product / Month

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  • Unlimited Import Amazon/Ali Review

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Powerful Design

Just happen to find out about this app. The idea is super Crazy!! yet this may be a breakthrough. This app has so much potential. I'm testing it, so good so far, except it still focus on few popular categories. But they offer to find a supplier for your product if you don't find it here. The price is superb, the shipping fee and delivery time is good too. But I must run a campaign to test their app. Don't know if it is truly like what it seems. So everyone don't scale yet. Test few sales first. If it works, this app will soon takes Oberlo place but only if the company can keeps up with the scaling.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

4 ottobre 2020

Hi, we are so glad got your review, welcome to test our service and shipping time:)

But there is a small question to remind you, AMZ suppliers shipping from China. 1/10 ~ 8/10 is National Day in China. So, the processing time need more 6-8 days in the National Day.

Find suppliers function time need more 6-8 days too.

We are so sorry about this. hope you can know the problem, do not affect your judgment of our services.

And if you like SuperSDS, i recommend you look our other APP: SDS Winning Products. The can help you find more Amazon BSR products on AliExpress.

Please let me know if you have any questions:)


I liked the idea, But may I know how to choose the expedite shipping and how much does it cost? and how can I find it into the product importing.

Many Thanks.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

20 aprile 2020

Hi, We apologize for making the question.

The product price already includes the expedite shipping fee.(expedite shipping is default shipping method)

You can select the default shipping country on the import list interface, and individual countries will have certain price changes.

The shipping method "EYB" is "ePacket" (expedite shipping), the text "EYB" is developers code, it's a BUG. We will fix the BUG in 48 hours.

And we will give you free one month STANDARD plan for thank you help us found the BUG. (STANDARD plan will arrive in your account within 24 hours, if you alredy is not free plan, we will give you 20 Find Amazon Product Supplier Points in your account)

Thanks you again. And please let me know if you have any quesion or BUG :-)