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26 de dezembro de 2023

I don’t usually leave reviews, but I had to do it... The app itself is also well done, the problem is the complete lack of support. There is no customer support in the app, and to contact someone you need to write via the contact form in the Shopify app store. I think it’s embarrassing... If you offer a service for those who work and can’t afford customer service I think it’s better not to offer it. Also if it was a Christmas decoration app for your website I could understand it but offering a service that covers one of the most important parts of our work without constant support is pathetic and dangerous. I’ve written twice in a week without getting any answers. Now you will reply below to this review with some excuse, completely useless. I have to delete the app, which is not cheap. I don’t recommend anyone wanting to have control over their store to waste time with this app when there are other cheaper ones with great customer service. Keep your store safe!

About 1 month usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Heysenior 5 de janeiro de 2024

We have tried to contact the client but there was no response.

Editado a 19 de setembro de 2022

Update Sep 19, 2022
I can no longer recommend this app as their support is nonexistent. There was a technical bug with multicurrency pricing, and also another technical support issue. I sent multiple emails starting Sep 3 to Bridgette but haven't gotten any response. They have a history of slow response with me and other customers (see other reviews) which is unacceptable for such an important app. I believe they bit off more than they can chew by adding too many extra features and forget what's important. I switched to an app called OBSI Incentivize that my theme recommended. Pros: the only slide cart upsell app I've found that looks decent
Cons: Technical issues occurred and support speed can be improved. I've had several issues during setup and support takes days to reply. 1. App was not working after installing, products were not showing in slide cart. It took at least 2 weeks for them to figure out the issue.
2. After the fix, products were showing in the wrong currency in the slide cart. Eventually this was fixed but I lost sales.

Estados Unidos
Over 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Heysenior 22 de abril de 2022

Hi Reveil,

We have tried to contact you, we have reviewed the problem you submitted and our app is not causing the problem, the app is working correctly.

23 de setembro de 2021

J'utilise cette application depuis plusieurs mois mais je pense que je vais y changer, l'application et ses fonctionnalités sont bien mais le soucis c'est que l'application s'arrête de fonction et souvent on ne s'en rend pas compte ce qui fait qu'on se met des bâtons dans les roues tout seul si on a pas modifié le panier de notre thème de base. De plus quand je contacte le service d'assistance celui-ci prend plusieurs heures à me répondre. En clair c'est une application qui est bien mais qui présente beaucoup trop de bug pour qu'on puisse compter dessus par rapport à son importance.

5 months usando a aplicação
4 de novembro de 2020

The app looks really fancy but I had to uninstall it as the Checkout on Chrome did not work and we lost sales. I was requesting help from the support but they did not react at all.

Parker Arrow Presets
11 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Heysenior 5 de novembro de 2020

Hi Parker Arrow Presets, we have tried to contact you to solve the problem, however, so far you have not responded to our emails, we will always be happy to help solve any problem related to the application.

31 de agosto de 2020

Looks really fancy and pretty the app but the support your going to get is the worst. Every day I'm spending $5,000+ on FB ads I do not have time to waste if support doesn't take you serious when you want to make sure this is going to work. You have all your current settings working on your store conversions tracking and then you install this app and it will mess up your current setup. So if your not worried about messing with your current setup and wait around for almost 4-6 days chatting with support on email only to get an inch cause they don't take you that serious it's not worth the headache. Maybe if the owner or someone who knew what they were doing jumped into your store understood your concern and made it all worth it so it was working seamlessly before you waste your time then i would do it. I tried giving it my best shot it messed up my current checkout process then I activated everything and nothing worked in the end but a lot of days emailing support to get text book replies that shows you they don't know what time is money.

Pretty Little Wish.com
Estados Unidos
7 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Heysenior 1 de setembro de 2020

Thank you for your review. The problem is already solved, we always make sure to respond to all our clients and provide solutions.

Editado a 23 de março de 2020

I was looking for a sticky cart option-- I really like the clean design + layout of this one. I'm bummed we have to uninstall; as it's not working properly in our shop.

I did reach out to to support and received a quick response, only to discover some our products are not using product variants, but rather properties. We have so many variants per product and use an outside app to manage them. Therefore when using this app, the options are not mapping to the their cart. We therefore can not tell which scent customers are selecting. This is a limitation that obviously won't work for our shop.

There is a work-around, Their tech support was willing to implement the properties in our products, but this has an additional cost. It takes 4 hours of work at $ 20.00 USD per hour.

Since we are in the middle of a pandemic + economic crises, I'm not comfortable spending additional funds to get this app to work.

Wicked Good Perfume
Estados Unidos
4 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Heysenior 26 de março de 2020

Our application works correctly, however the Wicked Good Perfume store requests a very advanced integration with the Infinite Options by ShopPad application.

We made several "free" changes to assist the customer however he never appreciated what we did.