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Does what it is supposed to. Was not able to change the trigger of where colors are shown though, which made the App uninteresting for me. I would change the review if someone on the support team could help me configuring swatches on different types of options.

Selectedliving De

Sorry for my easy english!
2016 febr. 24:
We sell products with multiple variants, like length, texture, color. We find this app and try to set the color as a swatch, but it works only, if used only 1 type of variants per product, for example Color. If i add one more variant type, like length, the swatch picker on product page changed to dropdown...
Im really sad, because i spent lot of time to find this app and set up the right colors. :(

2016 febr. 25.
After some hours, the app developer write me a mail, and promise to make the necessary changes into the code on my site as a staff member. They have really good support!
The mail, what i got:
You recently made a review for our Swatches app and we are sorry to see you had a bad experience.
You should have contacted us since we can solve that issue for you. The app generate swatches for "Color" options but we can enable swatches for other fields as well. This is because sometimes people do not want to enable swatches for other fields.
Can you reinstall the app and grant us access to your Shopify admin so that we can solve that problem:
Go to your Admin -> Settings -> Account (section: Staff members)....."

I will change my star rating to 5, if they fix this problem in the installable app.

Ihair Extensions

Unable to install and remove settings. I tried installing the app adn removing it but it does not work. Ones you install this app make surey ou have a backup for your theme.