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28 september 2017

Wow. We had this app installed for 3 minutes before we realized it was automatically live on the website, prior to getting ANY of our Swatches updated, it was showing up on our product pages with only about 1/5th of what was needed. Considering we just launched a new line of products today, and our website had a high amount of traffic for us, who were now on a website that did not give them the proper selection of variants.

Had they had a simple "test mode" none of this would have been an issue...and if they do, in my frantic struggle through the admin panel, settings, swatches etc did not turn this up, so there is a user experience failure there as I was unable to find a very basic button.

Overall, this short frustrating experience has convinced me to avoid Webyze at all cost.

Findlay Hats
Verenigde Staten
7 minuten gebruiken de app
27 juni 2017

App leaves code in your theme after uninstalling it. No instructions telling store owners how to remove any of the code. Idiotic.

The Real Big Deal Com Au
7 minuten gebruiken de app
5 augustus 2018

DO NOT INSTALL! The features are very very poor but you should avoid this app because off the code. After uninstall it let's you pieces off code everywhere even you change will publish your back-up.

Cioata Partners
6 minuten gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 23 maart 2019

Doesn't clean its shit. Doesn't clean shit and is shit. Also functionality is very poor, it cannot even automatically identify pictures... After installing one of the apps of this developer page doesn't load properly now, its waiting for some shit from their page, even after the app was deleted...

Never install this, it breaks website performance even after deletion.

6 minuten gebruiken de app
Webyze heeft geantwoord 23 maart 2019

We are very sorry to hear that. Our app actually automatically deactivates itself a few minutes after you uninstall it.

We can further look into this issue if you want. Would you contact our support team in order to correct this problem:

11 juli 2017

If I can give this app 0 stars I would – the app didn't update its settings from the circular swatches to the square swatches, which I wanted, so I uninstalled it. However, like the other users wrote, THIS IS NOT A CLEAN UNINSTALL – the swatches are still on the site after I uninstalled the app, duplicated the sizing dropdown, and it AFFECTED ALL MY PREVIOUS THEME BACKUPS as well so I was not able to revert to a clean previous version.

Thankfully, you can go into Edit HTML/CSS from Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit HTML/CSS, look for the webyze liquid file and delete it.

An app of such poor quality like this should not be on the Shopify app marketplace at all.

Darkest Fox
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5 minuten gebruiken de app
27 december 2015

Didn't work for me, I was trying to navigate the app and it would just download random files onto my computer...

Verenigde Staten
5 minuten gebruiken de app
22 oktober 2017

One of the poorest designed apps available. Code stays on your store once uninstalled.
0 customer support.
Broke my store, I don't even know what it changed to fix it.

It basically broke my variants. They just stopped working.


4 minuten gebruiken de app
29 december 2015

Awesome app!! At first, I wasn't convinced, as I wasn't able to get the product swatches to look the way I wanted. I reach out to Webyze support and they get everything up and running quickly! Our swatches look amazing now!! Thanks Webyze!!

Mr Konnect
Bewerkt 23 september 2018

I have been looking for a solution for a while and was very happy to finally find this app! Had some issues with my custom template, but the team at Swatches fixed it in a number of hours. Amazing service!

deBrief Boys