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Sweet Upsell ‑ Checkout Upsell

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FREE Forever! Easiest post Checkout Upsell that works.

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Increase your profit

Average order value skyrockets with our checkout upsell app. Add a sweet upsell offer to your thank you or status page.

Fully Customizable

Test different offers to find the ones that hit the checkout upsell sweet spot for your customers. Customize to match your store.

Advanced Analytics

Track one click upsell performance and valuable customer insights. Our dashboard allows you to optimize for maximum profit.

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About Sweet Spot Checkout Upsell

Wouldn’t it be nice to increase AOV and send profit soaring — without breaking your checkout flow? Our upsell app lets you bundle upsell with ease. Give customers a discounted gift at checkout and enjoy the benefits of the one click upsell approach when you add this app to your store.

Our Philosophy

Everyone buys on impulse. In brick-and-mortar stores, customers buy products off impulse racks strategically placed near checkout lines. Impulse racks work in physical stores, and you can create the same experience within your Shopify store.

That’s the philosophy behind our app. Create a bundle upsell experience by adding customized offers to a thank you or status page.

This strategy has worked for decades. And now you can use an upsell checkout approach to earn more.

How it Works

Start by creating a fully customized offer with text, products, countdown timer, popups, plus a discount code (if needed). Your customers get the offer in the sweet spot for conversions — on your thank you or status page.

Make Each Customer Order Better and Bigger with Sweet Upsells

Don’t leave any money on the table again! Sweet Spot Checkout Upsell app lets you bump up your customers orders with one click upsell offers.

  • Create an offer with customisable text font, style, size, colour, etc
  • Multiple layout design and widgets
  • Use countdown timers
  • Visitor Country based upsells
  • Add a discount code or gifts at checkout to incentivize your offer
  • Add products to the offer on the fly
  • Exclude products that were already added to the order
  • Preview the offer before going live to your store

Why Sweet Spot Checkout Upsell?

When you create an upsell checkout experience, your customers spend more money on average. Set up this upsell app, start running offers, and watch your revenue multiply. Acquiring new customers is expensive. Increasing the amount each customer spends is easy and automated — when you hit the sweet spot with our app.

Our upsell app helps stores of all sizes. Whether you have a large catalog or you’re just trying to grow, start giving your customers a gift at checkout — and start earning more. Our app comes risk-free, too. You get access to valuable customer analytics, and you pay nothing until your revenue starts increasing.


We can help you launch. Our sweet upsell app works wonderfully right out of the box, but we can also help you customize or fine-tune the app. Reach out anytime with questions, issues or other needs. We will respond within 24 hours.

About us

The team behind this sweet upsell app has been working with ecommerce stores for years. We have helped thousands of store owners like you boost sales and increase AOV.


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Incredible app, unbelievable functionality AND it's free! Great technical support too. Download it NOW


Just installed the app and already got 8 orders !
I have a question and received answer super fast !
Great One !

Imperial Blades Wholesale | Oscillating Blades | RidgelineTool.com

I have used numerous upsell apps and this is not only the easiest to use, but the one that has been the most successful. I stopped using others because I was paying for something and getting only 1 (or less) upsells per month--just not worth it.

I launched this one and BINGO!! Next day an upsell. The, the next day. After one week, I had more upsells than I had in the previous months--this is a no brainer. Get this app.

I did contact the developer and provided a suggestion and he did take good notes and had some good additions, but said it would take some time to do. But who cares--this thing WORKS the way you want an upsell app to work, but SELLING.

I just looked at my average transaction value MoM and it is up about $6 vs. last month. I took nearly the same number of orders, but I had more with my $22 add on.

THANK YOU!! This was just the app I have been looking for.