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12 januari 2024

I had a free trail that I cancelled in order to purchase their personalized plan and get in touch (and pay for) their expert. But I was CHARGED even though I cancelled my subscription, and I never got a reply from their team regarding this.

And regarding the app, it did not improve the speed of my website at all. So I highly recommend looking for a Shopify expert to help you improve the speed, this app is a total scam and they couldn't care less about their customers.

The Ivory White
14 dagen gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 14 januari 2024

Hi Vesna,

Here's Lynn from Swift team, I am so regret that you had this experience with our app.
I've just sent you an email to your email to support you more about the charge you got after canceling the subscription.
I hope you can check your email and get back to me there.

Thank you so much for your time.



28 maart 2024

$30 to make my site slower. especially on mobile which is the majority of traffic. do not waste you money on this app or any other speed app. Most speed apps just cause more problems than they fix.

Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer 2 uur gebruiken de app
28 april 2022

The app automatically compressed 3000 images of my products, and when I found out it was impossible to recover them. Contacted shopify support and couldn't recover it.

Thorn & Feather
8 maanden gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 29 april 2022

Hi there,

I am Seri from Swift - Page Speed Optimizer Support Team.

Firstly, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you when experiencing our app.

Regarding your concern, after compressing your images, your original images will be replaced by the new compressed ones. Those original images are stored on Shopify system then and after 30 days if you do not revert the original images, those images will be deleted forever. It is the limit of Shopify and we are still researching further to improve on this matter.

Therefore, for the best practice, please kindly review your images carefully right after you optimize them then if there's any problem with the images, you can revert them immediately without any issues.

If you still have any further concern, please don't hesitate to contact us via email We are always willing to help.

Kind regards,
Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team

19 november 2021

I'm really disappointed with the service I've received. I paid $150 to have my theme optimised. It was faster but product images wouldn't load which is kind of essential in ecommerce! I asked for support but the first response blamed me for switching back to my original theme (I mean, I couldn't exactly leave the theme without functioning images up) and then they ghosted me when I followed up. So they were super keen to take my money but suddenly nowhere to be seen when I ask for them to fix my broken theme/refund my money. I feel really ripped off.

Louise Mead
Verenigd Koninkrijk
4 maanden gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 19 november 2021

Hello there,

I am Maria from Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team. Firstly, I sincerely apology for any inconvenience caused to you.

As relating to your problem, we have received your message some weeks before and our support have replied back right away to assist you on the problem but we did not receive any response from you yet. We checked and fixed the problem with image loading already and asked you to check again on the new optimize theme but seems that you still have not taken a look yet. We have then sent you many follow up emails to ask more information about the issue in order to assist you better but you just kept silence and we honestly do not know how to support you in the right way.

I have sent you a follow up email again to support you sort the problem out. Please kindly check our message and reply back so that we would know the issue and help you out as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


17 maart 2023

It technically increased the speed but it creates a bunch of issues with our site and conflicted with some apps. Weird bugs showed up and they calmed it on the theme even though the theme was working perfectly before. Hours of explaining and debugging but it was never perfect. They operate from Vietnam as well. Their code seemed wonky and causing more trouble than goods. Uninstalling the app. I wasted tens of hours on this. Giant fail.

Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 19 maart 2023

Hi there,

I am Seri from Swift - Page Speed Optimizer Support Team.

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest apology for any inconvenience happened when you experienced our service. We always try our best to deliver the best service to our customers but sometimes there may have unexpected issues arisen that we can not control over everything. I hope you can understand our willingness to support you in any circumstances.

I really appreciate your time spending with us in order to resolve the issues occured. I'm sorry that those matters have wasted your time and we sincerely do not expect that situation at all.

I understand when you see the issues happened right after using our optimize theme, it's common when we suppose that they are because of our codes. Just to let you know that we are always here to take responsibility for any problems that are because of our work so please rest assured that me and our support team will be always here with you to resolve all the things.

For the reported problems, we have had our Dev check on them thoroughly but they seem to happen on original theme where does not have our optimize codes. Therefore, they may not because of our optimize codes that lead to the problems.

As per our process, we always duplicate the original theme and work on the copied version only so you can revert back to your original version anytime.

I am following up with you via email, so kindly help to check your Inbox, and look forward to hearing your reply.

Kind regards,
Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team.

Bewerkt 19 mei 2021

This app is terrible!! Do not install !!
Half our pictures are now blurry. Even after removing code pictures still look terrible. It’s unexceptionable and with offset business hours, the window of communication is very small, so this might take days to correct, meanwhile we are sitting ducks. We went in to get a faster website and ended up with a website not functioning at all

20 dagen gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 19 mei 2021

Hi there,

Here's Paul from Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team and we're deeply sorry for this inconvenience caused.

In relation to your concerns, we have two kinds of optimization: theme and image. In any situation that there's error after optimizing, you can restore your images and remove code of optimized theme so that everything will be back to normal.

We have been following you through emails, call for days to solve this problem but haven't received any response from you. If possible, can you please kindly let us know has this issue been fixed. We really wish to support you to the best of our efforts.

Best Regards
Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team

13 februari 2023

I would not recommend using their "experts" to boost your page speed. Paid good money and my store still has low score of 45 on Google page speed, 30 in Swift app, and 30 on shopify. Not happy that I didn't get what was expected.

The Wind Chime Co
Verenigde Staten
13 dagen gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 13 februari 2023

Hi there,

I am Julie from Swift - Page Speed Optimizer Support Team.

Firstly, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you when experiencing our service.

As per checking, the speed performance currently shows 57/100 (Google PageSpeed Insight) on our end and we eagerly asked your TeamView ID to investigate the issue further and are waiting for your response.

We also recommend to check the speed performance on Google PageSpeed Insights at for accurate results because the speed always updated real-time.

I am following up with you via email, so kindly help to check your Inbox, and look forward to hearing your reply.

Kind regards,
Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team.

7 juni 2021

I Do Not Recommend This App. The First Day I Downloaded This App I Used It, and it Requested to optimize and speed up my theme so I let it. It Completely Destroyed My Theme And I Had To Use A Backup That Some People May Not Have. They ended up giving me a replacement 5 days later which was slower than the original theme. The Support Isn't even online when there hours say they are. Not Worth the download and definitely not worth the price, I had there premium package going through all this.

Verenigde Staten
4 dagen gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 7 juni 2021

Hi there,

I am Elaine from Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team. Firstly, I sincerely apology for any inconvenience caused to you.

In relation to your concerns as following:

1. When you optimize images and/or optimize theme, if something went wrong in your live theme, we have the option to remove code after optimizing then your live store will be back to original while waiting for our Support Team to check and fix the problem. For more information, please kindly give this article a read:

2. We're sorry for our delay response due to different in time zone. Our business hours are 10pm - 7am EST, Sun- Thur. Despite that, we're always willing to support our customers as soon as possible when it's out of business hour and hope you can understand for us.

As my colleague, Maria, is following you in email, please kindly check and get back to us so we can help you further. If possible, please give us a range of time that you're able to discuss so that we can serve you better.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,
Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team

11 november 2021


Somerset Foodie
Verenigd Koninkrijk
3 dagen gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 11 november 2021

Hello there,

I am Maria from Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team. Firstly, I sincerely apology for any inconvenience caused to you.

We understand how serious the problem is and I am pushing your case as highest priority in our works. Our Dev is still investigating on the issue to find out the solution and fix it. It's all about our support for not updating you continuously about the progress and I'm truly sorry about that.

I'm also contacting you via email to assist you resolve the issue and make your site work well again with even better speed performance. Please kindly check out your message and give us one more chance to serve you better.

Warmest regards,

10 januari 2021

Unfortunately, this app wasn't good at all. The minimisation process caused all duplicate theme files to have the store layout break and destroy the look of our store. While this did not go to the main site, it was pretty bad considering that we back up our site before making any changes and now we can't due to the fact that none of our duplicate theme files look anything like the original.

Bubble Tea Club
3 dagen gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 10 januari 2021

Hi Justin,

Here's Maria from Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team. Thanks for sharing your feedback to our app.

Firstly we deeply apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused to you.

As we have read your feedback, seems that you had made a duplicated theme version already before you have optimized and published our code on your theme. If this is right, there might some points made you misunderstood our app process. Please let us explain you clear our process as the following:

First, when you have done optimizing your theme, our app will allow you preview all changes on a duplicated theme (this is created from our side to make sure that you could preview and publish all codes on your live theme once all looks good and properly.

Second, if you might have missed this preview step and published our code on your theme, then all codes would be applied on your theme immediately. And this case, it might have published all codes on your duplicated theme which you have prepared by yourself before.

If there is any unexpected problem on the theme, don't worry. Since we always put the theme safety on the highest priority so there is a button "Remove all codes" included already in our app. Just click on this button and then your theme will be revert back as the origin.

So please give us one chance supporting you and get contact us via this email or our live chat. We're willing to check and give you further assistance.

Swift ‑ Page Speed Optimizer Support Team