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Mobile Design Tinder-like Navigation! Swipe product slider UX

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Tinder-like Navigation Design

Customers love shopping this way! Watching on average more products and spending more time at the store! Super engaged and happy.

Boost Mobile Sales & Discovery

Better shopping experience means better engagement, increased virality, more add to carts, and more sales Mobile Product slider boost sales

Analyze likes & dislikes data

You can know now for every single item if customers liked it or not. Learn what are the most liked and most disliked products on store

Over Mobile Design Slide Navigation

Provide your mobile customers a unique and addictive experience, fun design, and profitable journey for you!

Turn your mobile store into a Tinder-like designed shopping experience - slider feed navigation and discovery will increase the time your customers spend in the store, increase the number of products seen per session, make it easier and fun to add to cart, and ultimately boost sales while giving an amazing experience to your customers.

Every product is a slide and every swipe indicated "like" or "not" and takes you to the next product in the product slideshow.

Why should you install Swipify?

1. Provide an extraordinary mobile experience - something your customers will remember.

All stores look quite the same, with the same navigation, pretty much the same design and the experience is… well… boring. What if on top of your awesome products people will also have fun during the shopping experience, will be happy to share your cool store, and will be happy to buy?

2. Improve your metrics

The Swipify shopping experience design is not only a celebration for the mobile customer, but also brings great value for the seller: people watch more products and spend more time at the store. They add more to their cart which results in a boost in sales.

3. Get new insights

This revolutionary shopping experience navigation feed provides new analytics data. We learn for every customer which product he likes and which he dislikes. We can tell what are the most liked products and the most disliked products at your store.

4. Don't take our word for it! test in your own store within seconds.

We are so confident that our app will provide excellent results to almost every store, that we made sure that onboarding requires no effort on your side. Have our app in your store today and in a few days or weeks, you will see how it performs and how addictive is the product slide Tinder like experience.

How does it work?

After installing the app, every customer on your mobile store will see our icon at the bottom of the screen (the icon will not be shown on the shopping cart and immediately after the customer land on a product page). If he chooses to tap on it, he will enter the Tinder like design feed (like an interactive slideshow of your products, driven by the customer's swipe) to navigate your store products. after a short tutorial, all he needs to do is swipe right if he likes a product, left if he dislikes, and swipe down to add to cart. He can also get more details on the product or go to the regular store product page.

Like it? Try and install the app now!

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  • Up to 500 Visitors/Month
  • Exciting Swiping Experience
  • Products and Audience Swiping Analytics Insights
  • No Branding and Customization



of $24.92/maand, gefactureerd voor $299 eenmaal per jaar

  • Up to 10000 Visitors/Month
  • Exciting Swiping Experience
  • Branding and Customization
  • Swiping Analytics & Insights
  • Onboarding & Consulting Call



of $58.25/maand, gefactureerd voor $699 eenmaal per jaar

  • 50000 Visitors/Month
  • Tailor-Made Branding
  • Swiping Analytics & Insights
  • Onboarding Personal Consult
  • Assigned Account Manager



0.1$ per 100 Visitors/Month

  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Onboarding Consult
  • Tailor-Made Branding
  • Swiping Analytics & Insights
  • Assigned Account Manager
  • Priority Customer Service

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We downloaded the app and were using it in our shop - nanoclear - the set up looks nice, and very easy to configure. our customers user experience is much better in mobile now! plus - they add more products to cart, since we started using the app! thanks guys!

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

13 september 2021

Thank you so much for your review! We will do our best to make sure you continue to get great results.

Swappy Mexico

I just started using the application and it seems great, very easy to integrate. Joav gave me an excellent service, it will undoubtedly be one of the best apps in shopify


Great app! It helps me to provide an exciting experience to my customers while boosting sales. Thanks!

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

23 februari 2021

Thank you! We're so happy that you and your customers enjoy the app experience and that you managed to boost sales and get more from your mobile traffic